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Stood up when I went to sign the contract!

After our first choice venue turned out to be too expensive, we went to our second choice -- and we were both really happy with this location. I had been working with one woman ... when I started getting emails from someone else (it's a family owned business) saying that she had the flu. Well, I made an appointment for 9 this morning with the owner (he set the time) to sign the contract and give them my deposit check. I waited for 15 minutes and he never showed up! I was -- and still am -- so pissed. I sent an email that was kinda nice, a little snarky, but haven't heard anything back. 

Fortunately this may turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Our third choice had a nearly identical quote; it was the third choice mainly because it's a banquet hall and doesn't have the same atmosphere. But there is a pretty church right down the street that, coincidentally, one of my good friends attends. 

But still ... i guess it is better to find out now about shady customer service but it is disappointing! If this is how they act when they are "trying" to get my business, I hate to see how they would act when they have it. Ugh!

Re: Stood up when I went to sign the contract!

  • Could have been a blessing in disguise. Hang in there ok.

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  • Oh wow.  That was dirty.  Oh well.  Now you know and  like the pp said it's a blessing in disguise.

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