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So, we have yucky weather today.  Not far west of here are blizzard warnings.  Lake Michigan is keeping the air close to the lake warm enough where we are getting rain.  If it wasn't for the lake, we would be getting 20+ inches of snow.  It is supposed to get cold this afternoon/evening and turn to snow (2-6" accumulation).

Need to finish packing my office today.  I am off until next Thursday when we get moved into the new building.  Then I am off again until Wed 1/2.  Looking forward to no alarm clock days!

I picked up J's Christmas present yesterday.  He has one Packer jersey - #4 Farve.  I am so sick of seeing him wear it on random Sundays.  He now has a #12 Rodgers jersey.  I scored a deal at Kohls.   Got a $100 jersey for $56 between sales and coupons - yay!
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Re: Turds-day

  • Nice Headline for today K!
    Have fun being off work for a bit and have a great Holiday! Hope you guys don't get snowed in!

    Today starts the week that is going to suck big time. I work both jobs today and tomorrow, Saturday we leave super early to drive to a wedding, that area is supposed to get around a foot of snow on Saturday, Sunday we have to pick up Ellie from the in-laws, we have until 3pm to pick up the duck from the butcher and then I have to go straight to YC. My parents come in on Sunday and P has to entertain them, Monday I work my regular job and we end with Christmas that seems like it won't be so relaxing either.
    I'm slightly hoping the sky starts falling tomorrow, Dec 21st, (preferably early in the am on Friday) so I don't have to deal with all this craziness.
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  • edited December 2012
    Good morning!

    Could this week go any slower? I'm ready to be on vacation already! Work has been slow, so I've been keeping myself occupied with FB, TB, and online shopping. I bought a black everyday purse earlier this week, and a pair of black riding boots today :).

    K- Boo to the weather. Yay for scoring the jersey for a decent price. DH has the Farve jersey too, it's time for an upgrade.
    Ash- Yikes, sounds like a crazy next few days. Sending you a big hug & good vibes that all goes well with everything. I thought your parents weren't going to be around for Christmas. Did plans change?
  • hey girls! been kind of busy, i just realized how early i needed to get some work done after the holidays so now i'm blitzing some stuff out.
    last night we had liam's work holiday party. it was fun i guess, kind of awkward. they do one of those "white elephant" things and it was kind of awkward, plus it took forever. plus they served "heavy hors deurves" instead of dinner, so i ended up being hungry when i got home. overall it was kind of blah.
    liam and i are exchanging gifts tonight, yay! we always do ours privately before we go to a family thing.
    we leave for the holidays tomorrow and it is supposed to start snowing tonight at midnight. yuck! it figures, it hasn't snowed basically at all, this whole winter, and the one day we're going on a cross-country drive it decides to snow. oh well. it's not supposed to be too bad until later in the day tomorrow and by then we'll be out of town.
    K -- i love kohls for deals, that's awesome!
    Ashley -- hope work goes ok. i am not hoping the snow comes early for selfish reasons, but maybe it won't be as bad as they are saying!
    chrissy -- online shopping is fun! this week has felt super long.
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  • Chrissy- I agree this week is taking forever to be over with!
    My parents usually come in the week after Christmas which is much nicer but this year they wanted to be here On Christmas. I tried to tell them that they wouldn't see much of us but they didn't care. So I have a few hours with them on a couple days and that is all.

    Haha, I'm doing some online Christmas shopping today too. I just picked up clearance Pottery Barn bath towels for $10.00 each!
    You are so like me most of my shoes and accessories are black! :)
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  • Lisa- Boo for an awkward holiday party. I hope you have a safe trip back home!
    Ash- OIC, hopefully you get to spend some time with your parents. Nice score with the towels! I have some purses and shoes in other colors, but I always have a hard time figuring out what to wear them with. Black and brown are so easy!
  • Lisa - travel safe!

    Ash - good luck getting thru the next week!

    C - I love online shopping.

    Still raining here.  Office is pretty much packed except the couple things I need to finish the afternoon and to get me started when I am here next Thur.  Movers are supposed to do their thing after 9am.
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  • Hey girls,

    All you facing yucky weather, please be safe.  D sent me a news link this morning with a note saying we made the right choice not going to Nebraska this Christmas.  Omaha is getting slammed and his aunt has already lost power. 

    Can't stay long but wanted to drop in and let you know I do read here everyday and that I less than 3 you all. 
  • I think Colleen had a stroke with her last sentence:
    Can't stay long but wanted to drop in and let you know I do read here everyday and that I less than 3 you all. 
    Hahaha, love you chick!

    Lisa- that sucks about a bummer party. Have fun tonight exchanging gifts with L!
    Drive safely this week too! The snow isn't expected here until late Friday and all day Saturday so you might be traveling just ahead of the storm! Stay safe in case though

    Colleen- Miss you chick, it's been way too long and FB just isn't the same to keep up with people. Hope you can get back on more often in 2013!
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  • Colleen- Hi stranger, it's nice to see you stop by. We miss you around here. Yikes, glad you guys won't have to deal with the pesty weather.
    Ash- Lol about Colleen's sentence stroke :)
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