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Bridesmaid Dress Drama :P

Oh for Pete's sake!

So, I found a gorgeous purple dress on Dressbarn's website for just $50. I was so psyched. Three of my six BM's have ordered it, but the website has since sold out to only size 10's. Just my luck. I'm gonna have to find a similar dress in purple or black for the other girls and just have them stand alternating colors/styles. I'm still talking to one of their CSR's to track down three more.

Meanwhile, my first two BM's are sisters and the one who ordered lives in TX but had them shipped to WI where the wedding will be. Since no one was there to receive the package, FedEx shipped it down to TX instead! And when no one was home to receive it in TX, they shipped it BACK to their headquarters in OHIO!! Honest to God, couldn't they just leave it on the freaking porch?! 

Good grief. 
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Re: Bridesmaid Dress Drama :P

  • It's unusual for a carrier to change delivery addresses at only one attempt and with no notices left. Because I'm never home when deliveries are made, whenever I buy something online, I leave a comment to please send the package in a way that does not require a signature. Before, UPS and the Post Office have tried 2 or 3 times to deliver things before returning them to senders. They leave a notice each time.
  • You don't want it left on the porch. I work for a credit card disputes center and had to deal with that situation. Bride ordered the dresses for her bridesmaids and had them sent to her house. She was on vacation so she autorized them to leave the box. The box got stolen and there's nothing that can be done. The dress it out of stock now and once you auth leaving the box you assume responsibility and Visa will not help. I felt bad for the poor girl and her maids but nothing could be done. It's best to contact the shipping place and ask them to hold usually.

    Sorry on the luck with the Dress Barn dresses. Is that the only local one or can you (or someone else) maybe drive arouund and see if there's more in other stores?
  • Alternating will be ok, I have 3 BMs one in a different dress, so she's going to stand in the middle. Same color, but with more BMs I might have done another color. 
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