I just booked my boudoir session for Monday morning and I'm so nervous!! Excited to, but definitely nervous!

I'm going to be working my @$$ off this week during my workouts!! I'm not quite where I wanted to be when she took these photos, but oh well.

Has anyone else already done this that would have some words of encouragement?

Re: Nervous!

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    i did them right after having my son lol. i wasn't even close to where i wanted to be but i like the way they turned out and fi loved them! who did you book with? i actually went with a friend so we were there for each other.

    honestly try and have fun. i was super scared and then it was actually fun!
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    I have mine booked for July 1st and I am nervous as all heck!  I almost chickened out and cancelled but I'm making myself go through wiith it!  
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    I have mine booked for July 6 and can't believe how nervous I am. But yet not nervous enough to hit the gym :) I will say that we did our e photos on Friday and we were both very nervous but we did loosen up a bit and a stop at the bar for a cocktail helped :) Not that I encourage drinking.
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    Thanks for the encouragement jeleny. :) I currently live in Florida, so I booked with a woman down here. Her gallery of past sessions is gorgeous, so hopefully they come out nice!

    Glad to know I'm not the only nervous one! I'll let both you girls know how it goes...
    I was thinking about having a drink before hand to loosen myself up, but then I made the appointment for 9a and have to go to work after. It probably wouldn't be the best idea. :)

    I'm bringing a friend to support me. She won't be doing them, but she'll be there, so hopefully she can help me feel a little more comfortable!
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    I am not doing mine until October or November and I am already nervous. The wedding is in Sept, but I am doing them for our first anniversary (paper).  I figured I would do them shortly after the wedding because I will still be tan and hopefully in good shape.
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    Ok I'm really confused...whats a boudoir session?
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    No worries! I didn't know what they were either until a couple months ago. It's a session with a photographer where they take pin-up/Maxium type photos of you.
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    I have my apt Friday and I'm freaking out so bad that I'm considering canceling.  I have nothing to wear for it other than "daily wear" and some fun outifts that he likes. I can't afford to go out and buy a whole bunch of sexy stuff and would't know what to get anyway!   Just not feeling very sexy right now. This is awful!  Ugh!!
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    Don't cancel!! You don't need anything new. Honestly, my favorite outfit I think was just boy short undies that I already had and a ribbed tank. If you can just be creative with what you already have, I'm sure they will turn out awesome!!
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    Really?   You didn't need to go blow hundreds of dollars a Victoria's Secret to get sexy stuff?  That is great news!  I'll have to be very creative because I'm not a sexy lingerie girl - that's why I initially thought this would be a great gift for him, but not I'm wondering how I'll pull it off!!  Thanks!!
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