RSPV issue using knot webpage

I am having some trouble with the RSVP page on my knot.com webpage. I have entered all my guest into the knot.com guest list (just names, i kept a more detailed one on my computer). But when i go to my webpage and hit the RSVP link some of the guests dont come up (it says there is no match for that specific name - they can still enter their information and we will get it, but why arent they showing up when i have them on the guest list?) Some guests show up with no problem and some guests dont show up when they click to RSVP....has anyone else used this? or had similar problems?

Re: RSPV issue using knot webpage

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    And this is why we tell everyone NOT to use the knot's guestlists. :(

    Sorry that you're going through this.  :(   I'm really not sure what to tell you to do, though - the knot's software for guest lists and RSVPing really, really sucks.  :( 

    Since you're okay with using the web for your RSVPs, you might actually have to send an email to everyone (or call those without email) to let them know that there appears to be an issue with the software, and to please contact you directly with their RSVP info via phone or email.

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    Are you just testing it before sending it out?  If you haven't made theknot.com the official place to RSVP, try using RSVPit.com.  That's what I'm using and it's very simple. 
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