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Catholic Priest Kalamazoo Area Needed?!?!

Does anyone know of an ordained Catholic Priest in the Kalamazoo area that does weddings outside of the church?  We are having my uncle marry us who is an ordained Christian Priest but my FI and family are catholics and they sprung onto me that they want a Catholic Priest to stand up with my Uncle.  I am originally from Kalamazoo but now live in NY so its difficult to find one so they help would be greatly appreciated :)

Re: Catholic Priest Kalamazoo Area Needed?!?!

  • Thanks for your response.  I have heard from others that catholic priests don't like to hold ceremonies outside of the church.  As for the education with the priest that would do the ceremony that would be difficult with us living in New York and the wedding is in Kalamazoo.  My fiance is going to handle this since now its what his parents want and he doesn't he even want it and we're paying for the wedding!  

    Thanks Again I appreciate it!
  • We are getting married in a Catholic ceremony, and it is my understanding that priests cannot perform marriage ceremonies not inside a church, or it won't be recognized as a Catholic wedding. There is a lot of preparation involved, as well, including pre-cana classes and a pre-wedding inventory.
  • As PPs said, a Catholic priest won't conduct ceremonies outside of a church, and they require a good bit of preparation such as extensive counseling and what not.  I'm sure that's not what your future inlaws want to hear, so good luck!
  • Do you guys think we could take these pre-marital classes here in New York at his church and the catholic priest in Kalamazoo be ok with it? 

    Thanks :)
  • Do you think we could do all the counseling and etc through his church here where we live in NY and still use the priest in Michigan?
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