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October 2011 Weddings

Your Album

We just did our album review yesterday, our photographer designed 100 pages, we got it down to 62. My question is how many pages is your album? 
Just curious to how many pages are in the typical wedding album.. I just feel like we have a lot. 

Re: Your Album

  • What do you mean, exactly? We just got all the files from our photographer -- about 1,300 prints. We got a discount because I am proficient at Photoshop so she didn't really have to edit them down to the ones that were usable. I'm making my own album on Shutterfly.
  • Not the images.
    The album. How many pages is it?
    Like the book I'm reading has 198 pages..
    My album will have 62 pages. 
    Yours has/ will have ___
  • I think we ended up with about 80 pages.
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    [QUOTE]Not the images. The album. How many pages is it? Like the book I'm reading has 198 pages.. My album will have 62 pages.  Yours has/ will have ___
    Posted by Nattie24[/QUOTE]

    I haven't made an album yet (I'm so unhelpful today, ha) but I had to comment because this made me laugh.
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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Your Album : I haven't made an album yet (I'm so unhelpful today, ha) but I had to comment because this made me laugh.
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    our package came with a 36 page album which contained about 100 images (I think it is 100 images actually).

    Whille slightly more expensive packages had more pages, and we could add pages for X amount (don't remember what X amount was), we found that 36 was plenty for us.
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  • I don't remember.. for some reason I'm thinking it was like 25 or something.  But maybe not because you guys have a lot more!!  I can't even remember how many pics we had to choose for it.  Maybe 125?  So maybe it's more than 25 pages...
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    Ours was 20 pages and I have no idea on the number of images - maybe 50 or 55? He had more expensive packages with more pages, but I didnt feel they were necessary at the time. It was so hard narrowing down the images for our album, but in the end, I feel like the pictures we selected told the story of our day and I'm VERY happy with the way it turned out :)
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    Mine was like 20-25 pages.
    Is this a photobook kind of album where the pages are made of collages of pics? Or is it an album where ALL your pics are in it and it's just pic after pic next to each other?


    This (my album is like this... photobook style)


    this one (album with all the physical prints in it rather than pages with the pics printed on them)

  • We didn't get an album from the photog, but I started making the free one from doing TK reviews for funsies and it got up to like 62 pages or something, and I could have easily added more. I didn't order it though. Maybe someday....
  • My photographer one was somewhere between 20-25 pages.
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  • We have yet to pick out the images for our album, so I'm not sure how many pages it comes out to, but it'll be 200 images.
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  • Holy f*ck that's a lot of pages. Unnecessarily so. You don't need that many photos in your album. It's supposed to be a taste of the day. Not all of the pictures from it.

    Ours was a 20 page spread, about 80 photos.
  • Apparently I was stupid. I get it now -- we didn't get one from our photographer. But I'm making one on Shutterfly myself and it will have 22 pages, about 80 images. The rest I can print out.
  • Best way to narrow pictures down is:
    • Make a list of must have pictures (you with mom, walking down the aisle, etc.)
    • Delete any duplicates (lots of pictures in certain sets look alike--just use your favorite, not every single picture)
    • Create the book, look at it, and then start deleting unessary pictures.
    I think if you can stay within 30-40 pages you'll be doing good. Also, I don't like putting lots of pictures on one page, except for the reception dance photos. I recommend making your absolut favoirte pictures the only picture on certain pages. It really looks nice.
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