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how much time did you take off?

Working brides, how much time did you take off before the wedding to prep?  I'd like to take the week off before the wedding, but my fiance says that's not enough time.  The problem is that I can only take off so much time at once, so if we want a honeymoon, I need to work as long as I can up until the wedding.  Also, I think I'll go nuts if I take too much time off beforehand, if that makes sense....

Re: how much time did you take off?

  • I am only taking 2 days. That freaks me out a little but I have very limited vacation time and we are taking a week for the honeymoon. I have my mom to help. Here's hoping 2 days is enough!
  • I planned for Thursday and Friday off before the Saturday wedding.
    My boss sent me home early on Wednesday.  So, two and half days before.

    It was plenty of time for me.
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    [QUOTE]I planned for Thursday and Friday off before the Saturday wedding. My boss sent me home early on Wednesday.  So, two and half days before. It was plenty of time for me.
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    This. Except my boss didn't send me home early on Wednesday  :(
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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: how much time did you take off? : This. Except my boss didn't send me home early on Wednesday  :(
    Posted by jajph1974[/QUOTE]

    Hahaha, I've known my boss since I was 15.  I'm pretty sure he realized my mind was already out of the office so it made sense to just let my body go too! Haha :)
  • Our wedding is on a Saturday, so I'm taking Thursday, Friday and the following Monday off.
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    I took a week off BUT that was for a couple of reasons.. (1) the boat I work on was out of the water anyway - so no work, (2) our wedding was OOT and we needed to fly up no later than the monday before the wedding due to some requirements for the license.  

    I did not need those days at all.. Even though I had them I made sure pretty much everything was done before hand so I could just hang out with our OOT guests and relax.

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  • I took a week off before the wedding. More so because I had the vacation time to do it and I needed to use those days before the end of the year (my wedding was in December)

    Knowing that I was going to have that week before off I was doing a lot of stuff for the wedding that week, final fitting, printing seating chart, programs etc. But had I not had the week off I'm pretty sure I would have just planned to get all the stuff done earlier.
  • I am taking 4 days off a month before to fly to the state I'm having it in and do some last arrangments and I will be off 4 days in addition to my weekend the week of.
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  • My wedding is on a Friday and we're leaving for it Wednesday, so I'm taking the week of and the week after the wedding off.  FI can only take his time off in Sunday-Saturday chunks, so I wanted us to be able to have the time together.

    Honestly, unless you're doing an inordinate amount of DIY, you shouldn't need more than a couple of days.  I mean, yeah, I'm taking a week off before mine, but we're planning on a day trip to Knott's or Disneyland one of those days, so it's not like it's going to be 24/7 wedding.
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  • Our wedding was at 10:30 Saturday morning.  I worked my regualr hours through Friday.  I didn't see a need to take time off before the wedding.
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  • I took off Thursday and Friday.  I only took off Thursday because I DIYed all of the bouquets.  Friday I took off to decorate the church and because family was in town.
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  • My wedding is a Saturday, so I'm taking the Friday before off. FI's dad is coming in the week before so he'll be there to help, and most of my family is coming on Friday to help set up, so we should be fine.

    I can't take any more time off before because we're gone for a week afterwards for the hoenymoon, and I don't have anough vacation time saved up yet.
  • If I'm working, I'll take Thursday and Friday off.  I say "if" because I teach part-time at a community college, and in the summer we're only allowed to teach 2 classes.  I'll try to arrange my schedule so I don't need to actually miss work.
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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: how much time did you take off? : Hahaha, I've known my boss since I was 15.  I'm pretty sure he realized my mind was already out of the office so it made sense to just let my body go too! Haha :)
    Posted by AlexiaANDRobert[/QUOTE]

    My mind is already out of the office - can I take off between now and the wedding??? :-p

    Honeslty, I'm planning on taking off 1/2 day Thurs and all day Friday - I have a lot of OOT people I excpect to start arriving Thurs afternoon, and I plan on doing a good  number of DIY stuff Thurs night.
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  • I took off the Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday before the wedding.  I would have liked a whole week, but I had just changed jobs and lost all of my PTO. 

    A week is plenty.  I can't imagine possibly needing more than a week.
  • Honestly, the only DIY stuff is paper stuff (invitations, etc.) and favors.  Now I think I can get away with fewer days off before the wedding so that I can maximize my days off after the wedding!
  • the week before and the week after for honeymoon.  I have family coming into town the week before, lots to do ;)

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  • Like a lot of PPs... I'm taking Thursday and Friday before my Saturday wedding off. But I took the entire week after off, as well - and that next weekend backs in to Labor Day so it becomes like 12 straight days off. Beautiful!
  • I'm taking the Thursday and Friday before (and possibly Wednesday to do laundry and stuff before we leave town), the week after for the honeymoon and the Monday after that because we don't get back from the HM until 9pm Sunday.
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    I took off Thursday and Friday, but ended up having to do something Thursday morning, so a day and a half.  People started getting in town on Thursday and I had a lot to do with getting them settled in and everything.  

    Someone suggested to me that for DIY projects and stuff, if it wasn't done 2 weeks before, I should just forget it, and I did.  It was a very smart move.
  • Hmmm I haven't thought about it yet for my own wedding but I probably won't take any time off... maybe a 1/2 day Friday if I'm working then... only thing to do beforehand for me is get a mani/pedi which I can do after work.
  • I'm taking a week before and a week after.  Partly because I have a total of 18 vacation and floating holidays to use up before the end of the year and I don't have any other plans to use them.  Partly because I'm a procrastinator and I know there will be a ton of things I'll have put off till the last minute and will need to get done the week before.

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  • I am a teacher getting married on August 14th.....So I am off about 3 months before the wedding but the school changed the calendar so now we go back to school on the 16th so I will be back at work that monday.  We are taking a mini vacation 2 weeks before the wedding and postponing our real honeymoon until christmas break....
  • Taking 3 days off before the wedding
    Taking 6 days off after the wedding...

    I'm getting married on Memorial day weekend, so technically, Monday is a given day off...I have at least 40 cousins/aunts/uncles coming in from MidWest (I'm in VA) so I want to spend time visiting with them that W-F before my wedding and then Sunday after my wedding. Monday-Sunday is our honeymoon...then I'm taking that following Monday to catch up on much needed sleep.

    I'm taking so many vacation days because I had 21 vacation days, 2 floating holidays, and 10 holidays at the start of this year...(I've taken 1 day off so far).

    I rarely take days off, so I figured on my wedding day with family coming in, I'll take time off to visit and enjoy my honeymoon. It'd be hard to get back to work! Haha.
  • Thursday and Friday before the wedding and entire week after road tripping to South Carolina.

  • We will be home 1 week before the wedding. FI's sister graduates from college on Sun June 12, we will be home on the 11. We get married on Sat June 19. Then we are taking a week for the honeymoon. So, FI is blowing his only 2 wks on everything, but that was the best way we could work it with still wanting to attend his sister's graduation and living out of state (saves us coming in for 2 trips). So essentially, we planned it this way.
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    I wish I could take a whole week off before our wedding!  I ony get 10 vacation days to use the whole year (sucks!).  I'm def. taking the Friday before off to get nails/last minute things done. Our wedding is on Saturday.  I already get off early on Thursdays anyway, but I'll probably leave even a little earlier to just take that extra time and decompress before the madness starts!  I have the whole week (5 days) off after for our honeymoon too.
  • I was only planning on taking off the friday before my saturday wedding, but now i feel nervous that everyone is taking off so much longer! Plus, the week after off for the honeymoon..
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