June 2010 Weddings

Tell Me Tuesday

So newlywed ladies,
now that the
weddings are ove

are you happy or sad that you are
now out of the planning business?

(If you would like to give reasons, please do!)

vacation vacation vacation vacation
It's almost here! Weeeeeeee!
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Re: Tell Me Tuesday

  • Sad enough that I even just applied at David's Bridal because I already miss it that much. :p  No lie - it's the sad, sad truth.
  • Sad actually. I don't really have much to look forward to now.
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  • Sad. I thought I would be happy, but I miss the planning and the excitement so much. I have a few friends getting married in the next year so I'll just annoy the crap out of them by being that girl who helps too much and offers all kinds of unsolicited advice. Kidding! Mostly...

    We're going to start the home buying process soon, so that will hopefully distract me.
  • A little sad, mostly because I don't yet have something to fill in all that time.  Hopefully I can get a new hobby (or a teaching job!) to have something new to do.
  • Sad that it is all over, but don't miss the stress and family drama. I have plenty to do between now and August when I start teaching. Getting my name changed, cleaning out the car, writing a boatload of thank-you's and just enjoying the time as husband and wife is enough to keep me going, just not at the crazy non-stop pace like before the wedding.
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  • Happy! Our wedding went amazing and all that hard work I put into it and all of the stressing I did flew out the window that day when I realized everything came together. It's nice not having to plan anything right now. We're trying to be spontaneous ;)
  • elpa336elpa336 member
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    Out of the planning business?  I have been asked to plan three more weddings.  Maybe this time next year, I'll be out of the planning business.  At least it isn't my wedding I'm still having to plan, I'm never planning another one for me again!
  • Happy!!! I loved seeing everything fall into place, and love hearing people talk about all the details, they noticed everything!!!!!!!!!!!! =)
    and i am enjoying looking through the pictures and hearing new stories.

  • A mix of both.....I'm happy because everything went great, I don't have to always be paying for wedding stuff and no more stress.  Sad because the day went too fast!  Now I'm back home and since I work at a school and have the summer off it's like what now?
  • Oh, I'm happy! I don't think I'd ever want to plan another wedding again.
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  • HAPPY! i am glad the wedding went so well, but im definitely ready to not have to worry about the planning anymore. so happy that i pounded through ~100 thank you notes, finished changing my name and began clearing out all the wedding related junk on my computer and in the house. we're both ready to move onto being newlyweds, though DH is stuck in "honeymoon" mode a.k.a. wanting to take up expensive activities like biking and camping... *sigh*
  • A little bit of both. I loved planning it and I would seriously consider being in the wedding business but I don't think I would enjoy planning a wedding that wasn't my own. I had such a good time planning and researching but I'm glad to have some exta time now. I just wish I could get the house back in order!
  • i'm happy that it all went perfectly- and that's why i miss it- because i know how great it was. 

    I'm SO happy to be able to see more immediate results in my corner-cutting now, like saving up a little to take a long weekend, or go on a nice date, or buy new work clothes so i look like an adult!
    I'm SO happy to get back my hobbies (reading, crocheting, cooking, etc).
    I'm SUPER happy that DH can FINALLY focus on getting onto a few conference panels and trying to get published to up his odds of the PhD. 

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  • amberproamberpro member
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    HAPPY!  Don't get me wrong... I loved seeing it all come together.  I think mom and I did a fantastic job (if I do say so myself).  Absolutely beautiful day, and I wouldn't trade a minute of it!

     But will I miss spending hours researching on the computer?  Having no free weekends?  Spending all my extra money on WR things?  Abandoning all other hobbies- especially the ones that cost money, like gardening and scrapbooking?  Stressing out over a mile ling to-do list that didn't get any shorter until the day we got married?  Uh, not so much.

    And I still have you ladies, so the best part of planning isn't going anywhere ;)  I'm ready to enjoy my summer and enjoy the next step.  Lunch dates and happy hours litter my next few weeks (as a matter of fact, I have one of each today).  

    HOWEVER... I am now throughly obsessed with any and all wedding photography.  Mine and all of yours.  Obsessed!  So keep posting pics, ladies.  I'm stalking.  
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  • i am SO HAPPY it is over!! i found the planning very stressful. up until right before the wedding i was very insecure about what we were planning. i wasn't sure i liked our officiant, i doubted whether the music would go as planned, i was worried people would think it was tacky that we had a chicken option instead of fish, i was worried that my mom and i would have a fight that day and i'd be too stressed to enjoy the wedding. i felt like there was SO much pressure on me to produce this event taht wouldn't embarrass my parents.

    as it turned out, i was right to be concerned about some of these things, but it was really all beautiful in the end.

    what i really miss is the honeymoon!!!
  • I'm happy to be out of the planning process, but ever so sad that it's OVER! :(
    Finally...we are Mr. & Mrs.!!! WooHoo!!!

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  • I'm really sad its all over. I'm grateful and happy that the day turned out perfect! I still haven't figured out how to keep busy.
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  • I'm happy its over.  i didn't really stress over stuff but everything I had was great.  Now we start saving for a honeymoon and doing more stuff to fix up our house so eventually we can sell and move to the country.  I'm kind of sad that I won't have a project to really fill my time like the wedding planning did.  Kind of at the stage of now what do I do.
  • a little of both... i was lucky to be able to plan a lot at work... so now i'm going to be really bored. and i did enjoy the creative part of planning. SIL is getting married in may so hopefully she'll need lots of help.

     but i'm happy that my house will not be taken over by wedding stuff anymore... well, as soon as i can clean it all out. and i can start saving some money again.

    but like everyone else, i'm really sad the day is over.
  • Mixture of both.  It was awesome seeing all of my hard work put into place & having everything work out so well.  But it is hard to think that it's over and that something that occupied the last 16 months of my life is done.  Now I have to find a new hobby to keep me from focusing on the job front.
  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_june-2010-weddings_tell-tuesday-13?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding Club BoardsForum:591Discussion:4449476c-cdc9-4a7c-b813-b7bead98871aPost:e5b2aa80-b6fd-4523-9bc9-6c927cd6a872">Re: Tell Me Tuesday</a>:
    [QUOTE]Sad enough that I even just applied at David's Bridal because I already miss it that much. :p  No lie - it's the sad, sad truth.
    Posted by arj14[/QUOTE]

    This. But I applied to Pronovias in NYC because DB didn't have anything. I have this dilemma with myself every night. I feel like I'm meant to do something with weddings as a career and I go back and forth with myself and I give myself a panic attack almost every time. I'm meeting with a wedding planner on Friday so we'll see.

  • I miss it...not going to lie.  I do not miss the added stress at the last minute.  But I loved how everything turned out and doing all the DIY projects. 
  • Sad. :o(  Getting a job in the wedding industry would be pretty sweet....
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