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October 2011 Weddings

having problems picking colors...

I am getting married October 2011... and i cant decide on colors...
I Like touqoise and chocolate brown
or shades of blues
orange and pink.... 
But i just cant decide.. What do you all think would be pretty colors for a wedding in October??Thanks

Re: having problems picking colors...

  • My wedding is October 8, 2011.  I am using dark red, orange, and chocolate brown.  I think the orange and pink would still be good.  You don't have to stick with Fall colors though, I'm sure you can make it all look good!  It's a personal preference.

    Not sure if I was much help.....Wink

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  • You can do anything you want.  Season doesn't really matter anymore.  Talk to FI and start with colors you both really like and go from there.
  • I wanted black and white because it is classic. Having no color at all is not an option though. So I ask FI what color he liked and he picked blue. I then picked pick to be the other accent color. I fanallly decided that pink wasn't going to work. There is something I want to display and it is orange. Our colors now are Black and White with accents of blue and orange.

    The colors that you like and show who you are will be the prettiest colors to have. Both combos that you like are fantastic. Does your Fiance have a preference? See what combo of the two he likes the best and go with that.
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  • I personally think brown and blue is trendy and overdone so I would vote for either of your other ideas :)
    I think orange and pink would be so cute, but shades of blue would be awesome too. 
    Look at real weddings with those color schemes with your FI and discuss what you like, maybe your decision will become easy seeing the colors actually displayed in other venues.
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  • I am getting married on Oct. 8, 2011 in the Hocking Hills, My FI and I both hunt and like to be outdoors. He is wearing a camo vest, Hunter green was a great color I pulled from his Camo pattern. So we are doing Hunter Green and Ivory with camo. We are going to use fall colors and to decorate, (fall leaves instead of rose petals) Pumpkins and Corn Stalks make a great addition. But I agree with the above. The season doesnt really matter, Its all about your taste and what you want. Talk to your FI and come up with your own unique color scheme.
  • I too was having some issues with picking colors, but I truly believe that you don't have to stay with "fall" colors just because you're getting married in October.  I like your turquoise & chocolate brown idea, I think there is a lot you can do with that. 

    I think I've decided that my colors will be lavender & chocolate brown.  I will be incorporating some more "fall" colors where I can...more because I like the colors rather than feeling obligated to.  

    Go with your gut...or think about a color that you really have liked over the years.  I've always liked purple but it wasn't the first choice that came to mind when I thought about what my wedding colors would be.  As of late, I've seen the lavender/chocolate brown combo in a lot of design magazines and have really taken to it.  

    Good Luck!  I know it can be hard to decide. Smile
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  • Turquoise & chocolate brown! First off it makes for a stunning combination. Second, I bet you subconsciously choose to write down that combo down first for a reason.
  • I think any colors will work.  Most of us seem to have decided to have our weddings in the fall because we love autumn, as do I and originally I was going with a fall theme.  My theme is no longer fall and my colors are not "fall colors" but they don't have to be.  Go with ANY colors you like!  Sometimes it helps to plug in those colors and maybe "wedding inspiration" or "inspiration board" and see what you come up with.  It can help you visualize what a wedding looks like with those colors or how they interact together.  I would never have chosen my colors if I hadn't previously known how they worked with one another.  It's coming together pretty well!

    Also, google search the wedding inspiration blogs "Snippets and Ink" or "Perfect Palate."  Both of those usually have some good color inspiration boards and color choices if you need a fresh start, a new perspective, or maybe you'll be able to find those color choices above and get a visual on how they'll look.  Good luck!
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  • I have thinking about the colors as well and I think may choose Lavender and a lighter color green. 

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