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box hi lights???

Can anyone recommend a good box highlight kit? I have med to dark brown hair. I noticed one Frost and Glow that is supposed to work on darker hair? 
Any suggestions? 

Re: box hi lights???

  • I'm all for at-home coloring but this is one type of coloring I would NOT attempt to DIY, personally.
  • Yeah I tried highlights once and ruined my hair.  I can do a nice brown color but can't do the highlighting...I leave that to the pros!
  • It's not highlights... but I do like Loreal Natural Instincts. 
    It is all over color, but it does have dimension in it too.

    I've tried highlighting at home, and it can be disasterous.  If you do go that route, I would recommend having someone else apply the color.
    But I did the all over color over top of my poorly-done at home highlights, and they showed through pretty nicely.  It looked more like a real color job than an attempted highlight cover-up.
  • megk8ozmegk8oz
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    Speaking as somebody who regularly gets her hair highlighted, I have to strongly advise you against doing at-home highlights.

    I've done at-home hair coloring (I'm always looking for a good bargain), and with browns and reds, I've had a lot of success over the years, but blonde (Even just a few streaks for dimension) is a completely different beast. It's very easy to end up with hair that's orange and extremely dammaged.

    While it may seem pricey to get a pro to do it now, there's an excellent chance you're going to end up paying one to fix it anyway. Leave blonde to the professionals.

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  • I recommend going to a salon school if you can instead. These are trained and supervised almost professionals, and at the one I go to, its the same cost as the nice boxes of drugstore highlighting. 
    I've gone to the aveda institute in chicago for years and have always had good experiences, and saved hundreds $$.
  • I would go to a salon. I did box highlights a long time ago and when I look back at my old pictures I look like there is a skunk on my head. I woudl get highlights done professionally. If you were doing all over color that isn't as bad but so many things can go wrong with box highlights.
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  • In Response to box hi lights???:
    [QUOTE]Can anyone recommend a good box highlight kit? I have med to dark brown hair. I noticed one Frost and Glow that is supposed to work on darker hair?  Any suggestions? 
    Posted by aknj[/QUOTE]
    please don't do this, it has the potential to be a disaster. the only people that should EVER try to highlight at home are people who are already blonde and goofs will be less noticeable. for one thing, you can't SEE what you're doing and where the highlightsare going. for another, on dark hair, highlights could easily turn orange or even green without an experienced colorist. if you want highlights on dark hair, please spend the money and have it done right with an experience colorist. I have light to medium brown hair, and I would never attempt home highlights. single process color within 2 shades of my natural color, sure. highlights, never.

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