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September 2011 Weddings

:: Andrea/Purple ::

umm...did you see the sticky note that the mod put on the favors board about Flip Flop favors??  so dramatic!  and not to mention narrow minded.  this website has opened my eyes so much....i never knew how many people in this world were so narrow minded.  UGH!  i was so tempted to write something....but its probably not worth it. 
all that mod does is shoot down people's ideas. 

Re: :: Andrea/Purple ::

  • Woah, that's an intense thread to start, let alone to STICKY it!!  Sheesh!  I too want to respond, but think it's probably not worth it.  No need to tick off one of the mods...

  • That mod is the perfect example of someone who lets the little power they have go straight to their head.
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  • WOW... that is an abuse of "power"... internet power.   let's go pummel her.
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    [QUOTE]WOW... that is an abuse of "power"... internet power.   let's go pummel her.
    Posted by Love is Bald[/QUOTE]

    Ditto LIB!
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  • seriously....maybe she should pull that stick out of her azz before posting another sticky.  OH SNAP!
  • hahahahaha!!

    seriously, she is so matter-o-fact... who died and you became favor-bizzatch of the world??
  • Oh come on ladies...don't you know that when you're the mod you obviously know everything about your board??
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  • Whoa. Okay, my whole thing yesterday about how people get tired of answering the same question over and over does not apply to this mod. She needs to step down because she definitely does not seem to enjoy her job.

    I still standby that a lot of the people who give opinions (when asked) give blunt responses instead of super excited responses and get called rude when they are being truthful. But that mod just takes it to a new level of cruelness.
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  • Seriously. That lady needs to be taken of her high horse. I thought the sticky below that...the "Questions about favors..." one was crossing the line a bit, but the flip flops one is ridic. Where does she come off thinking she's the queen of favors? How pathetic.

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  • i agree, just cuz she doesn't like a certain favor doesn't mean it should be banished from wedding favors forever just because she is the Favors mod on TK

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  • BTW, I reported that. I don't know if that does anything but that kind of pisses me off. No wonder everyone thinks all the other boards are bitchy.
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