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North Carolina-Outer Banks

OBX beach wedding

Hi girls!

My fiance and I are planning on renting a beach house from Twiddy.com.  Anyone know anything about these houses??

Also, being that I have no wedding planner, I'm trying to do this all on my own, and its hard!!  As for reception, we'd love to have it back at the beach house, however, I'm not so sure we have the space.  There's only 30 people, but I"m not sure the deck and pool areas are big enough for that.  In that case, does anyone know of any good restaurants that have a private room to have our reception dinner??

Can anyone recommed a good, affordable photographer and officiant? 

I'm sorry I'm so clueless!!!  Thank goodness for theknot!

Chrissie Smile

Re: OBX beach wedding

  • mparwulskimparwulski member
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    I'm sure several of the girls here will chime in.  But, here's a good start:

  • dwfangirldwfangirl member
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    Many of the homes do have a small deck/pool area, but not all.  We are having our reception at Twiddy's Rendezvous, which has a large backyard with plenty of room for our 45 guests (you can actually have up to 100 there!).  If you want to go the route of having your reception at a beach house, I'm sure you can find a house that can accommodate 30 outside.  You may want to call Twiddy directly and ask them for some recommendations, rather than looking through hundreds of homes online.  

    Re: restaurant - I would wholeheartedly recommend Aqua S in Duck but I don't think they have a private room.  It is a beautiful place though, with delicious food, wonderful owner (Lynette), and an awesome deck on the sound to watch the sunset.  
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    dwfangirl- does aqua s do off site catering? if we wanted to do the reception at the beach house?
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    I am using Matt Lusk Photograpyh - his prices are great.  We met him in January (during a wedding planning trip to the OBX - which I highly reccommend doing if you are able to) and his personality was awesome!  He was very laid back and listened to all of our ideas.

    Red Sky Cafe does catering - and I have heard they are really good (I have eaten there for lunch, but have not been to an event catered by them).  Not sure of their prices.

    For our rehearsal dinner, we are having Food Dudes come to our beach house.  They prepare and cook the food at your house...which I am really excited about.  We also ate there during our January trip and the food is really good (he used to be with the Rundown which is one of our all-time fav OBX places to eat!). 
    So, you could check with them as well about catering your reception.

    Hope that helps!
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    Flip -- We're still trying to decide what to use for our rehearsal dinner -- we know we wanted something relaxed at the beach house and Food Dudes' menu looks right up alley... Are their prices for coming to the house similar to their menu?  Did you contact them via the phone # listed on their website or is there a better way to reach them about catering?

    We're using Red Sky Cafe for our wedding reception and I know they'll cater pretty much anywhere in the OBX... their prices are around $35-50 pp, but the food is excellent and with that price range comes a lot of choices.

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    That is exactly what we wanted too!  Something relaxed, laid back and fun.
    We are going with different types of tacos - grilled mahi and grilled/blackened chicken. But I believe that they have other options, like pork, etc. 
    I ate the mahi tacos when we were there and it was delicious!
    It comes with a lot of extras - chips, beans, rice and different salsas plus a bunch of stuff for the tacos (lettuce, cheese, etc.)
    All of this is $22/person which I think is pretty reasonable.
    There is a fee for Shawn (the chef) and his assistant to come and cook at your house (around $150 for each).
    They bring their own cookware and will use the grill at our house.
    I think its a pretty good deal for all of the food that you get...plus, how cool is it that its super fresh and the chef is cooking in the house!
    I am super excited.
    We plan on serving beer and sangria for drinks/cocktails.

    I think that we just called the number on their website - but you will want to talk to Shawn.  He is a really nice guy.
    If you can, I would recommend going to their restaurant and trying it out.  We went there and tried a couple of different dishes and worked out the menu with Shawn.
    Good luck!  Let me know if you have any more questions.

  • dwfangirldwfangirl member
    edited December 2011
    Chrissie- I don't think Aqua S does catering, but we are using Red Sky for catering at the reception (at Rendezvous) and they are wonderful to work with, and food is delicious! 
  • mohn14mohn14 member
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    Do the Food Dudes have a website? Can't seem to find them online. Thanks!
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    In Response to <a href="http://outerbanks.weddings.com/Sites/weddings/Pages/main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_north-carolina-outer-banks_obx-beach-wedding?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Local Wedding BoardsForum:598Discussion:f2d2769d-a42c-4a8a-b6e9-d868ed2d47cfPost:e1b9bbf7-596c-4d72-936d-23a53f12381c">Re: OBX beach wedding</a>:
    [QUOTE]Do the Food Dudes have a website? Can't seem to find them online. Thanks!
    Posted by mohn14[/QUOTE]

    Try this:
    <a href="http://www.thecoastalexplorer.com/FoodDudesOuterBanks/?intAdID=5306">http://www.thecoastalexplorer.com/FoodDudesOuterBanks/?intAdID=5306</a>
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    We are using Matt Luck too and he is AWESOME.  We had our engagement photos Memorial Day and people are raving.  Everyone thinks we paid thousands for them they are that good.  I am on facebook if you want my info to look at some of them.  He is so friendly, creative and laid back.  My fiance and I both felt like old friends with him.  Totally check him out!
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    *Lusk   sorry typo!
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