Cocktail Hour/Reception card wording

Hey ladies! I'm trying to figure out the wording for my reception cards...  We are having a cocktail hour in a different room than the reception, but both are at the Embassy Suites RiverCenter in Covington. Are you guys doing a cocktail hour? if so... how are you wording your cards?

this is what I'm thinking....

Cocktails to be served at seven o'clock in the evening
in the Captain's View room
Reception to immediately follow in the Roebling Ballroom
Embassy Suites RiverCenter
10 East Rivercenter Boulevard

Re: Cocktail Hour/Reception card wording

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    we used the following:

    To continue the celebration
    kindly join us for
    cocktails, dinner, and dancing
    immediately following the ceremony

    The Cincinnati Club
    Cincinnati, Ohio

    I don't think you need to differentiate between where the cocktail hour and the reception are going to be if they're going to be in the same building.  Your guests will figure it out (if for no other reason than that the hotel will have signs and/or workers pointing them in the right direction).

    ETA: Our cocktal hour and our reception were held in two separate rooms in the Cincinnati Club, and everyone figured it out just fine.
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    Definitely do not put the rooms. They should be directed to the correct place by staff or signs when they arrive. Actually, according to etiquette, you don't even need to inform the guests about dinner/cocktails etc b/c the time of your reception makes it obvious, but lots of people do it anyways so the guests know what to expect.
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