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Curacao vs. Aruba

Does anyone have any preference or pros/cons to share?


Re: Curacao vs. Aruba

  • I've been to both and I would say hands down Curacao!! FI and I both can't wait to go back! They're both gorgeous, but there was something about Curacao that had a different "zing" to it. I don't really know how to explain it, it was just different. The architecture was unique and gorgeous, we loved the culture and the people, the beaches...

    Both islands have great beaches, nightlife, restaurants, activities, etc.. but there was just something that stuck out in our heads about Curacao. Haha.. sorry I'm not much help, but I have been to both and you can't go wrong with either, but FI and I enjoyed Curacao more ;0)
  • i've been to both. curacao wins for me HANDS DOWN! for the reasons the PP mentioned-it's got so much more of a personality! I got almost nothing from aruba except US HM Factory. curacao-quieter, larger, more vareity of things, people etc...
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  • i've also been to both, and while i would go to curacao again, there is no way i would go to aruba again. personally, i thought it was way to windy, and the prices were insane. we paid $10 for a rum punch that was served in a plastic cup. I also think that curacao has much more character, and was definately less touristy. The water was also the most amazing i've seen in the caribbean.
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  • We went to Aruba and it wasn;t the slightest bit windy- although a little pricy, we loved every minute of it. I would highly recommend Aruba and can't wait to go back!  There's a lot more nightlife there too, if you are interested in that.
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