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As featured on the MSN homepage.  An "interesting" take on +1s - from a man who isn't married or engaged.


The final sentence is really the kicker.

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    I can see the bride's perspective on the first "no +1" wedding, but I see his perspective on his brother's wedding where he was the best man.  It's such a sticky subject, but IMO if he doesn't like it, don't attend the wedding.  And yes, it's great that he's considerate of what kind of date he brings, but unfortunately not everyone is. :P
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    I dunno... i'm just wondering if his FAMILY didn't want his girlfriend of over a year to be at the wedding.. are they just rude? or is it not that serious and she hasn't met the family yet?

    i just think that if its my wedding, i make the rules. thats what those people did and i completely agree with tygirl, if you don't like the rule, don't attend the wedding.

    haha.. and the final sentence.. crazy. i think he's just annoyed.. haha
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    I read that yesterday. I like his candor. =)

    Generally, I agree with the author, but I definitely understand when space or budget is a concern.

    For us, we felt like while we wanted our wedding to be very intimate, we also wanted all our guests, since they were all people who are close to us, to be comfortable and have fun. (Not to say you can't without a date, but it's a personal thing and we wanted them to have the option.) Surprisingly, lots of single people opted to come alone, so it didn't even really affect our numbers.

    I do think couples need to be mindful of their guest list, too. It's totally different to be invited alone to a local wedding where you have 20 friends going than to a wedding where you only know the bride and groom or are traveling a long distance. Or if you're inviting 300 of your "closest" relatives and friends, cut some people to give your close friends/family dates.

    Of course, at the end of the day, guests who are invited alone should simply accept or decline--NOT ask to bring someone, unless you are reasonably sure it was an oversight of some sort (e.g., you've been married for 2 years).
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    i feel really bad about not giving some people +1's...but then again..they didn't ask. i have 2 friends who had new-ish (under 6 months) relationships, that i didn't even know about...so i didn't give them +1's....they both turned into serious relationships, both are talking about marriage. and i feel horrible, that i didn't have them at my wedding.

    there was one person who asked for a +1, and we said "no" because we didn't want him to bring a stranger (not in a relationship, not dating, we put him at a table with all his HS friends..didn't think it'd be an issue).....so he rsvp'd for lobster and didn't show up. ass.
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    who says you can only wear your wedding dress once?

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