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Trying to find an officiant

We are trying to find an officiant that is decent priced since we are on a budget. We found one gentleman who is around 425, but that seems a little high.  I have no idea where to find one who isnt gonna make us go through counseling.
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Re: Trying to find an officiant

  • I dont know... sorry. Maybe on your local board? I am getting marrried in the greek church we are going through counseling, i dont mind i actually like it, i was engaged before, this time i a excited that my Fi is going to be there this time. Before my ex was in the milietary and he couldnt be there, it was odd...oh and we get a discount on our marriage certificate if we do it which would be nice. Does your state do that, maybe then it would be worth it. So th epoint to all that is that i really wouldnt know how much an officiant should be, but i would realy go to the local board...sorry but good luck
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    We found one through a local wedding website. He was also recommended by our recpetion venue. See if any of your vendors can recommend one for you. Our photographer had a list of recommended vendors as well, so ask around! I also looked through these sites when I was trying to find an officiant:

    National Association of Wedding Officiants:

    American Association of Wedding Officiants:

    They weren't very helpful in trying to find one in my area, but maybe they'll have more listed for your location. At the very least I think there are some tips there about looking for an officiant.

    As for cost, it can vary greatly. Ours is $300 if the ceremony is local (within 25 miles of where he lives). He is also available to run the rehearsal at no extra charge. He met with us to get to know us so he can write a ceremony that fits us, but we don't have to go through counseling or anything. He was the cheapest that I found. There were some that were in the $500-700 range, but they included required counseling in the price.

    Good luck trying to find one!
  • the average fee for officiants around phoenix is $400. our is $500 cuz we had an extra $100 tacked on cuz our wedding is on a holiday. he's a really interesting person, though, and the FI really liked him.
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  • Jeff and I found one that is marrying us for $400.00. I would say check out all the wedding sites. There is usually a section for them. If you do a non demonitational one they should not make you go to counseling. I am sure if you call a bunch you can find one that wont make you go. To be honest, I don't think it is the place of a total stranger to make you go to counseling. It's your choice who marries you. Do a ton of research, and interview a few of them.

    Good Luck!
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  • In Wisconsin JOPs are only about $150.  Specially officiants (i.e. ones that design the ceremony around exactly what you want) tend to be more expensive, usually around $500.  I would check with your local board for suggestions though, we can't be of much help.
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  • We started looking at our venues recommended Officiants first. I didn't love any of them so I then searched local vendors here on TK. Weddingwire.com is also a good site for finding vendors. They include reviews too. We are meeting with another Reverend this month and her price is $350. I think they are all pricey...
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  • Another option would be to see if the state you're in allows a friend to perform your ceremony. We're not having a religious ceremony so my bro-in-law is going to get ordained online. It'll be more meaningful for us..and best of all the price is right. Wink

  • Thank  you everyone!  I meant to post it on my local, but that's what happens when I post things after only 2 hours of sleep. Thanks!
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