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How was everyones holidays so far?  What did you do?  Are you doing anything for New Year?

Sorry I disappeared last week.  I was in the Bahamas and was supposed to have internet access but the resort did not and I couldn't find any on the island without paying ridiculous fees for it.  I'm back now though.

Re: Holidays

  • Welcome back! My holidays were pretty uneventful but enjoyable nonetheless. Looking forward to having tomorrow off work so I can sleep in and be a bum though :)
  • MMRoberts11MMRoberts11
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    We did Christmas with my parents about 2 weeks before the holidays as we were going to the Bahamas for my mom's side (except her as she was staying home with my dad who had knee surgery).  Yesterday we saw H's parents and did our gift exchange.  On Christmas though, it was spent walking on the beach, going to a bonfire on the beach that evening, and otherwise just relaxing. 

    In about an hour we have some people coming over to just have a low key night.
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