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November 2010 Weddings

sick 7 days before my wedding :(

how is this possible. i feel so miserable! i've caught some kinda serious head cold 7 days before my wedding. im praying to God im not this sick at the wedding...any one else sick this time of year??
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Re: sick 7 days before my wedding :(

  • Yes. Very sick. I also have 7 days to go. I had to miss three days of school last week (and I NEVER miss school if I can help it) due to high fever. I hoped it would go away over the weekend but it's Sunday night and I have been sick for five days. Everyone keeps calling me about wedding stuff and they've all said I sound like hell and I've been talking so much that I'm losing my voice. Hope you (and I) feel better soon!
  • Hi Ladies!!! The same thing happened to me a week before my wedding. I was nervous it wouldn't go away, but yesterday was my wedding and I was not sick. Take lots of Vitamin C and fluids. Rest too!! Cold medicine too
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  • Aw, ladies, I hope you feel better soon!  Try to rest as much as you can, and drink LOTS of water!  And like PP said, vitamin C.  I swear by Airborne, even if folks say it doesnt work... It seems to work for me!
  • I was so sick all last week, and my bachlorette party was Saturday night.  I had no voice at all.  I went to the doctors and got some meds on Friday, and I'm starting to feel better.  Go see your doctor and tell them you're getting married and hopefully they will give you something!
  • Me too!!! I have 12 days to go... and was in the ER last night... Diagnosed with Strep throat AND Pneumonia... they gave me a hefty Z-pac and told me to go heavy on the VITAMIN C... if it gets too bad... go get something... it has only been over 12 hours and I am feeling slightly better ... hopefully to kick  it in a week so I can have time to rest off of meds..
  • I'm trying SOOO Hard not to get sick. There is a plague going around work. Everyone is sneezing and coughing. I've got industrial sized hand sanitizers all around my desk and am CONSTANTLY wiping down surfaces with lysol wipes. 

    Why wont the sick people just stay home?!?
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  • That is my big fear.  I bought Vitamin C and Zinc tablets and trying to take them every day and just praying both FI and I can avoid any illness.
  • Like PP's said.. take care of yourselves!!! My Matron of Honor, FG and ringbearer got SO sick the day before the wedding that they missed all of the rehearsal festivities and it looked like they were going to miss the wedding. They rested up, took tons of vitamins and prayed a lot lol and they actually ended up feeling decent on the wedding day and having a blast at the reception. With a few days to go, you still have time to get better!
  • I have a cough right now and FI has a head cold.  I'm glad we are sick this week, rather than next.  Hopefully it will be just enough time for us to get better.
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