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BRIDESMAID Dresses Picked!!

After 3 Attempts I finally got all of the BMs and Jr BMs to agree on a dress. Funny part: the worst person was my mom. Of course! She is gonna kill me or take 10 yrs off my life by the time this wedding is done. She hated the colors I picked (deep Purple and Red ) she feels that they are fall colors not consistent with our Spring Wedding. She thinks she we need pastels, which is not my style. Since when are colors set in stone?!?
Anyways we picked a brighter purple and the dress that looked the best on everyone.
I was kinda running around so I never got to take a picture of the dress. Whoopsie I am going to search online for a pic and upload it to my Bio.

Now I  can just sit back and relax ... or move on to thinking about invites :)

Re: BRIDESMAID Dresses Picked!!

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    Exciting!! Finding BM dresses is stressin me out!  I feel like they are all starting to look the same....

    But yay for you finding some!
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    Woo hoo!  Where did you get them from?  How much?  We went for the first time last weekend and I think we found a dress, it's gorgrous but the only thing that kinda sucks is it's $188.  I am not opposed to my BM's saving some money and picking one of the other dresses that aren't *as* pretty but cost $120 instead.  We went to the Wedding Chapel
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    I am originally from St. Cloud and that is where the wedding and most of the WP is from. I started where I got my Wedding Dress ( Bridal Shop at Macys dwntwn mpls) and feel in love with a Watters and Watters dress that but was $280.00!! after the 20% discount for getting my dress there. (I have 4 BMs My Sis who just had a child 3 wks ago by BF who is in law school, 2 other HS friends one of which just bought a house and is getting married in Aug and another who has a 1 yr old) so that was out. and I hear ya about $$$. I then tried the Wedding Shoppe on Grand which was a diaster and a waste of time IMO. It seems like that place is a gamble either you love it or hate it. My Lady sucked and took another client while I was there. I did everything and was even clipping and pinning my girls in them as she was no where to be found.

    We ended up at Mestads ( http://www.mestads.com/ ) (St. Cloud Location they also have one in Rochester) and the dress we all liked was $100 but they charge to ship it to the store so it was $110. and I think it looks beautiful and doesn't look cheap at all. Pics to be coming soon... :)

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    I live in St. Cloud, too, shan so I'm excited to hear Mestads has some reasonably priced BM dresses! What designer did you choose?
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    Leggwilliams- Ask for Emily (if you do go there) I have worked with her twice (once when I was a BM and now to get my BMs dresses) she was awesome!! I was looking more color than style and she was awesome and was always getting me color swatch books etc. I wasn't a big fan of having to go through all their stock (you pull your own) but once she saw what I was pulling and knew I was looking for a certain purple she came to the rescue with swatches . Which narrowed down the dresses. She also was amazing at listening to what I wanted when my mom was trying to tell me my colors were a bad choice etc.

    As for the designer we ended up with- that's a very good question. I know its not listed on their website and they were closed today so I'll have to get back to you tomorrow. (they have everything on file in the computer)
    Oh the BM dress for the wedding I am in was only $130 as well. They give out a ton of discounts
    20% if the bride got the dress there
    10% if you pay in full

    I cant remember if you got your wedding dress but Mestad's has a person/company they recommend for alterations but my gf had a terrible experience there just a FYI
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    *leggwilliams *  and anyone else who is curious
    We ended up going with Mori Lee style # 833 in Amethyst

    P.s the color online is much darker than the swatch (by maybe 3 shades) just a FYI
    We ordered the sash in Amethyst as well but will not be wearing them - rather I am going to use them to wrap the flowers and add to the Flower Girl dress to make it all come togeter.
    IMO the dress looks more expensive than $110 ($10 for shipping) so I am very happy. I am very pleased that we didn't have to scarfice look for $$
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    Thanks for the FYI on the color!  I have found a few Mori Lee dresses that I might be interested (online) and I would be getting them in a darker shade of purple, so I will have to keep that in mind when looking at the pics!
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    Kaylas16 Glad to here others are going with the Purple Color!
    I picked Purple and Red/Strawberry and my mom about had a heart attack. Apparently Spring weddings are restricted to pastel colors only. Which is not really my style and FI is the most anti pink/pastel color guy I know haha.

    I dunno what you are planning on doing for decorations but I'll have the purple accessories (pic in bio) for sale after May 28th. Hopefully you have had better luck than me, I found it really hard to find purple stuff.

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