Wedding Woes

So the big royalty question...

Do I keep my whopping $93 for necessities and the occasional brunch, or do I blow it on a dress or two? 

Decisions, decisions. 

Re: So the big royalty question...

  • Buy one dress and use the rest for necessities.
  • Agree with Nola.
  • Yeah...if I could find a dress for $50. Well, maybe eShakti will have something cute. 
  • Have you ever shopped Old Navy plus?  Not fancy dresses of course, but you can often get cute dresses for a song.  Wait for their 40% coupon days.  And free returns!  Their sizing seems to be all over the place.  So I often order the same thing in two sizes, a bunch of other stuff just for fun and then ship most of it back.

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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  • I haven't been impressed with Old Navy quality.

    Didn't see anything I liked, anyway. Except that Igigi ruched dress, but it's on sale for $140. ON SALE. Jeez. 

    I could use some jeans and winter tops, though, so I might buy myself some cheap treats. 
  • I think Old Navy quality is really hit or miss, too.  But  it's no like a wear out dresses like I do jeans, so it works for me. 

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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  • BMom, I wish you'd stop being quite so hard on this or so disappointed.

    You shold 75 books and you made cash monies, yo FROM A BOOK YOU WROTE.  Everyone has to start somewhere, it takes three races to win the Triple Crown, y'know.  Keep plugging away.

    Also, do you have your stuff on Goodreads?  Start publishing reviews and commenting on other people's reviews to get your name out there.  Also, lots of the reviewers on Goodreads have their own book review blog and using those as connections might be good too.  If Amanda Hockening can be a success story using e-books and just pushing herself, you can too.
  • would you like us to start reviewing using terms like "mommy porn"? (hoping to get you some of the 50 WSOG followers - they may as well read something worthwhile!)
  • also, i vote that you use the money to do something fun for yourself - so if it's clothes or a night out or a spa day - do it. 
  • Varuna, I'm just disappointed because I couldn't do any promotion. I sort of wish I hadn't been picked up by my original publisher if he was having such problems, you know? 

    I'm looking forward to getting back up and running in two weeks. 

    And it's not like I thought I sold a million books or anything, but 75 just seems so low for so much work. I know no one goes into it for the money. And $93 is still $93 more than I had yesterday. 
  • I get that.  Maybe just think of how much stuff you've written that isn't published?  That's a lot of work no one's seen!  ;)

    Is there any reason you can't do promo on your own?  There's a reviewer on Goodreads that if you can connect with, has tons of followers and your stuff seems in her liked genre.  She usually does the YA paranormal, but will branch out often: There was another one I was following for awhile that was women paranormal based...let me see if I can refind it/remember. I stopped following b/c it was too out of step with me.
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