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in a mood


Re: in a mood

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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: in a mood : I think if I had this my feelings about my job would be VERY different. But, it's like, if I have a doctor's appointment, I have to get the okay, and then I have to account for each minute that I'm gone. And it's such a pain. I get my work done way ahead of time, take on extra tasks that aren't technically my job, etc. Punching a time clock feels unnecessary.
    Posted by LaceyH13[/QUOTE]
    Yes, this. This is the nonsense I deal with, too! I am EXPECTED to go above and beyond and to take on extra and I do stay late when I know something must get done, etc. And, yet they still treat it like I need to fit neatly and perfectly within every single second of my regularly scheduled hours, or I'm being unfair to the rest of the people (on a different team) who are in and out with the turn of the clock and never have to worry about doing extra.

    That is not worded very well and may not make a lot of sense... but I'm too annoyed with the substance of it to try to fix how I said it, sorry ; ) I literally was told this in one of my not-so-stellar recent reviews... that I am not meeting expectations, b/c the EXPECTATION is that I do MORE than my actual job description. So, if I'm doing my job, and being flexible with my own personal time and stuff, that's not enough and I'm actually... not... doing my job?? Whatever. I've given up giving extra. I'm not getting paid for it, they certainly don't appreciate it, and I don't care enough. So. This is really not a good place for them or me to be anymore!
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  • Ohh Anali. You have my sympathies. I couldn't deal with that. If getting your M.S. was anything like me getting my M.A., I walked out of graduation feeling like I should be way above where I am. "You'll make $50,000 -  $60,000 a year" they told me. "You will get to be your own boss" they said. Wrong and wrong. I can't imagine being told i have to work outside of the workweek, too. I took last Friday off and my boss called me three times (all for ridiculously stupid reasons) and I was so annoyed. A day off is a day off. I feel for you. Seriously.

    How do you guys get 9 - 5 (or even 8:30 - 5) schedules? I'm supposed to be here at 8 am on the dot. And not leave before 5. I thought that was pretty standard, but maybe not?

    I don't have as emotionally taxing of a job as some of you do, which i am thankful for. But working for a state elected official means that the political environment can wear me down. And I get really tired of hearing people bicker and argue, which can be wearisome.
  • See, I always heard that but I still didnt graduate thinking I would make that kind of money simply because a. My field, and b. because the economy was really bad, but even the I NEVER imagined that I wouldnt even make the average that someone with a bachelors makes. Its just so ridiculous that I cant even handle it.
  • It's funny, when I was interviewing and hired for this job, no one really gave me the hours. Once I got here, I asked around as far as how long we can take lunch for, etc. but the hours were never set in stone. I have been here for over 4 years and no one has said anything. I usually get here before 9 but at 5--I am out of here. I don't care.  Every once in awhile we will get a guilt trip about staying a little later but not that often.
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  • I want in on the pity party too. I don't hate my job, I'm just ready for summer vacation where other than two workshops I have to go to, which will take 1 1/2 days, I plan on doing squat. That may make me a bad teacher, but I don't give a shite! I won't lie, I'm all about summer break. Even my coworkers are pissing me off, so I know it's time..... Im sorry everyone is having a crappy day....something must be in the July 2011 water...
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  • I think we have pretty good labour laws here which is why I don't find myself in totally crappy situations. Either that or I've always just gotten lucky with good employers. I may hate my job, but I know I've always been treated well where I am.
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  • I'm not going to lie, most days I don't love my job.  But, dh says I can't really complain as I pretty much leave at 3pm every day, I don't work weekends, I have a ton of vacations and most of the summer off.  I don't work a part time job in the summer.  I also make good money.  I make more than him.  I'm not sure why teachers are always bitching about not making much.  Maybe because I need a master's degree for my job while you can start teaching with a bachelors?  Or maybe it's a regional thing where we make more up north.  But, the cost of living is also higher.  So, while I don't love it, I like my job.  I tell people I work to live not live to work.  I work so I can go on nice vacations and buy the things I want.  Work is work.  
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