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Aisle decoration - need help

I found this great elegant way to decorate the pews at the church with simple material.  I would love to give credit to who did this but have no idea who's it is.  If anyone can tell me the type of material would be best for this and approximate width of the material.  I appreciate any help on this one.
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Re: Aisle decoration - need help

  • You could make it whatever material you wish but I'm assuming maybe its a satin type material, as for the width required it would depend on the size of the pew's as well as the look you want. I think its gorgeous though
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  • They look like chair sashes.  You may want to look into using satin chair sashes and tying them into bows around the top part of the pew.
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  • I agree with the poster directly above me - they look like sating chair sashes.
    You can buy them inexpensively at or

    And I agree - what a unique and lovely way to dress up the pews.
  • I love this, thanks for posting! The others have a good point about looking like chair sashes, but I bet you could also just buy material in bulk if you can't find the right color. I've been looking for a very simple, inexpensive way to dress up the pews and I think this is it!
  • edited May 2010 has satin sashes in packs of $10 for $9.98  floating around somewhere is a 20% off code good til Aug if you haven't used it.... let me see if I can find it.

    found it!!  twitter50082010
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  • I would think that the material is less stiff than satin. Maybe a chiffon or a really light silk. I would go to a JoAnn's, Hancock, or other local fabric store. Grab some of the bolts of fabric (the best ones for this will probably be around the special occasion fabrics) and see how they drape. Depending on the material, you may need to hem them.
  • Ladies-

    Thank you so much for the great ideas.  I am glad my question gave a few of you a simple ideas as well.   I may buy some chair sashes and some fabric and when I go home, I can try which one works the best.  Thank you again.
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  • These guesses are prettly close and you can use anything to get that look basically. I would recommend as a sewer the following:
    a colored polyester lining material (cost effective and comes in many colors)
    polyester/cotton blend fabric

    a few tips too, satin will wrinkle easy as will silk. polyester is a good choice and you can get some good quality ones.

  • Hi! saw your post. This idea is BEAUTIFUL! I think maybe even taffeta would look great. Have you thought about having them embroidered with your new monogram or initial?
  • the monogram is such a great idea if i were getting married in a church i would definatly do this... you could even attach flowers or a bow to them...
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