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April 2011 Weddings

Re: Real or Fake? Wedding Horror

  • I think its real. People do stupid things when they are drunk. My question is, why is the bride trying to dance with that looong veil???
  • It looks real to me too. I would be pissed off if that would happen on my wedding day or if I got a bloody nose. I'll kick that ladies a$$.

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  • O M G.... I dunno, but I'm gonna guess that it is fake... at least I hope so!!
  • Orchid, I'm right with you, I wouldn't let the bloody nose hold me back. LOL  
  • I am trying to figure out why are they letting her swing around the darn pole??? No one is tipping her so she isn't that good i am guessing.. As for as the bloody nose, she would have been made a human veggie if that was me... One chop to her throat and it would have been a rap.. Don't mess with army veteran brides!
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