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Open Letters

Dear H-
I know that you are trying to give me space to cool down about me losing my job, but its starting to feel like you are too far away. Come back

Love, your sad wife

Dear school-
Thank you for giving me the day off cause we can't afford the school.  I needed it,

Love, your overworked intern

Dear job-
I hate you and will never forgive you.  Please take care of my students.

Love, an angry, bitter employee

Re: Open Letters

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    Dear Depression,
     Please go away for good. You were gone for several days while I was on vacation. It was nice to see my old self back. Now that I am back home, please, please, please do not return. I want to be happy and not sad all the time!
    Thanks, A depressed young lady

    Dear Vice Principal,
     Please leave me alone. It seems you want me to fired. Why?! I know I do a good job and if you took the time to observe my classes you would see how much the kids love my class. Please stop questioning my lessons.
    Thanks, A great teacher

    Dear Job Market,
     Please turn around for me and my hubby. One of us needs to get a public school teaching job for next year!
    Thanks, A Teacher looking for full time work

    Dear Governor,
     I hope you go to hell. You were the cause of me loosing my public school job in the first place. You suck. You ruined thousands of lives including mine!
    Thanks, A Pissed off teacher

    Dear Prinicpal/Superintendents I or my hubby applied to,
     Please select us for an interview!!!!! We are begging you to give one of us a chance!
    Thanks, Two really great teachers
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