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vent: negative check :(

My photographer and I were scheduling some engagement photos for when FI and I return to Canada in December.  I wasn't really that interested in e-pics to begin with, but the price was right (they were $170 CAD because we got a wedding package contract).  However, because they weren't actually part of the contract I guess they were subject to a price change.  Now I'm sad, cause I can't afford them (they've gone up to $250 CAD). 

The more I thought about e-pics, the more I decided they were a good idea.  If nothing else, it allows you to go through a kind of "test run" with your photographer before the big day.  So, in the end, I am bummed that we can't afford them.  *sigh*
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Re: vent: negative check :(

  • aww sorry :( do you have any photographers friends that can take some epics for you two? i wanted to do epics without our photograher too but to add it onto our package its another $150 USD and i just cant justify spending any extra on something thats pretty expensive to begin with.

    instead im having one of my friends who is artsy take some pics of us. :)

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  • That sucks! I hate when those sorts of things happen, when you get excited about something and then can't do it. I concur, try and get someone else to take pics of you guys, even though it would be nice to see this photographer's work ahead of time, you still chose him/her for a reason, and their portfolio must have had some things you liked. It'll be okay, chickie. :)
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  • We totally do have a photographer friend who can do it, but alas, he will be busy during the week that we're in his area.  :(

    My only other option is... my mom just asked what I want for Christmas.  I thought it was a bit weird of her to offer me a Christmas present this year, so I figure it has something to do with her excitement over the wedding.  (mom and I are on excellent  terms, don't worry).  I could get her to spend $80 bucks on the e-pics to make them affordable. 

    Gosh, I just don't know if I want anyone to spend that kind of money.  Know what I mean?  But on the other hand, I can't think of anything I'd rather have for Christmas! 


    thanks for your sympathies, ladies.
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  • Eeva,
    I can't think of a better X-mas present,hope it all works out at the end.
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  • The photographer honoured the original price!  YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    I'm pretty feverish right now (influenza) and cried when I read her email.  She says that since these things are usually "hashed out" in the original consultation (which we couldn't have because we're in different continents) she's going to put it in our contract now. 

    *sniffles*  I'm so happy.  :D
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  • YAY!!  That's great! Glad you will be able to get them done without the financial worries!!
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