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I know this has been posted before, but I am still not able to correctly use the search post function, so I am sorry in advance!

My fiance and I are finally at the stage where we will be sending out invitations soon, and I want to hand cancel them.  Can someone suggest a good post office in the Chicago or near north suburb area to do hand cancelling? OR Are there any post offices that I should avoid? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Hand Cancelling Invites

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    So, I don't think anywhere you go will actually do it. I don't actually have any first hand experience, but even if they hand cancel at the first machine or whatever, it still goes through a bunch of machines anyway.

     I have seen so many people post about how upset they get once they realized they waited in line for hours and convinced someone to hand cancel the invites, only to find out they dumped them in the main bin and they go through the machines anyway. Unless you can go to a really small post office, I kinda doubt it is worth all the work, when most of the post office workers don't do it anyway (even when they say they will).

    I am sure people on here have actually tried, I haven't, but just from reading other people's posts, this seemed to be the consensus.

    Good Luck! Hopefully you can find a place that will.
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    I had a really good experience at main post office at Harrison/Canal. I know they were hand cancelled because all my familys invites either 1) didnt have the cancel stamp 2) it just barely hit the corner of our stamp. All the envelopes were pristine too. I chose to go there after my "tester" invite was just dropped in the box at our local post office and not only did it take 10 days, it arrived completely mangeled to my mom.

    I know other people havent always had my same luck, but like I said, my experience was positive.
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    I went to our small post office down here in Orland Park to ask them to do it for our STDs& was told that NONE of the post offices will do it anymore.  The lady actually seemed surprised that I was even asking. She said that as long as it fit through some slot that she had cut in a piece of cardboard, then it wouldn't have a problem going through the machines.  Mine was small & had no problem going through the slot (granted yes it was a STD, invites are different) but our STD arrived back to us relatively unharmed (small tear on the envelope & slight bend-but really didnt effect the look at all)  I still feel better walking my wedding stuff inside an office instead of putting them in a box, but at least I know that they won't hand cancel.  HTH.

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    I think hand cancelling isn't necessary unless maybe you have some super-decorative something on it. Mine were pocket folds with ribbon and they all looked fine going through regular mail.
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    Thanks so much for the thoughts...You all gave me some more to think about.

    Thanks again.
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