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Funday Monday

Soo I know last week was a shorter week, and it was Thanksgiving. I hope all of your holidays were amazing!

Besides Thanksgiving what else did you all do with your time off? What do you have planned to do for this week and what are your goals?


Re: Funday Monday

  • BellaSposa223BellaSposa223 member
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    I had off since Tuesday afternoon and it's been such a relief  and unforunately tomorrow it is back to reality =(

    Wednesday I helped my mom cook all day
    Thursday I also cooked with Mom
    Friday I did black friday stuff; first person in line at Kohls for the 2nd year in a row, yes I am proud lol and spent time with the family, and went out to dinner.
    Saturday more shopping down on Central Ave.
    And today the family went home and a trip to the mall.

    It was crazy and stressful but fun. This week is just a regular week, and its about 2 weeks until the semester ends and it can't come fast enough. I'm very ready for break. I think my only goals for this week is all the crazy amounts of school work I have to do.

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    We had Thanksgiving here so I spent Wednesday cleaning up and preparing.  Everything went well for the holiday, thankfully!  Then Thursday night I went up to Woodbury Commons with my mom and aunt.  We've gone the last 3 years and it's a lot of fun and we got a lot of stuff.  Friday I did a little more shopping with my mom and aunt and then just hung out.  Saturday we went to dinner with friends and then out for a little for another friends birthday.  Yesterday I saw New Moon and we went to the ILs for dinner.  I'm not ready for work again!
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    Thanksgiving was good, we spent it with my FI's extended family.  Friday I cleaned up and shopped a tiny bit with my mom and grandma.  Saturday, I had my friends bridal shower which was fun but alot of work, but was a success!!! Sunday I relaxed, did some xmas shopping and had dinner at my parents.

    Goals this week- start to wrap up school work!!! I am done for good Dec 14th!!!!!!!!!!!! And I have to call the vet to schedule an appt to have my kitty neutered.
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    Friday - worked (BOOOOO) then went to DH's Aunt's house in Manchester CT.
    Over the weekend I ate like a Pig and shopped til I dropped, Literally.  Almost done shopping, I have 5 ppl left to get, and I think I'm below budget, WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
  • lawyer707lawyer707 member
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    it was pretty much just thanksgiving madness over here. It was also my bday on thanksgiving, but I absolutely hate when my bday falls on a holiday b/c 1. not a big turkey fan and  2. no one remembers... which happened again, even my brothers forgot (thank you to my knotties for remembering!!!). I didn't do anything wedding-wise except show my aunt the pics online. Still waiting for my DVD of images that I was supposed to receive over a week ago... I'm guessing I'll get it february!
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  • akardasakardas member
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    Wednesday: Spent the entire time in the car, dropping my FI to work then picking him up to head to MA to see my FIL.

    Thursday: Obviously ate lots of food :) But yet only gained a pound over the entire weekend (not on the diet).  

    Friday: Hung out with my FSIL and FI :) 

    Saturday: Picked up my invitations WoHoo!!! and Bought my wedding band! So excited it is absolutely beautiful and matches my E-ring perfectly.

    Sunday: Relaxed at home with my FILs and FI.  Then got in the car and drove the 3 and a half hour car ride (thank goodness did not hit that much traffic). 

    Goals this week: Get to the quizzes graded that I have been putting off, and to book the shuttle bus for our guests :) and finally hopefully finding a dj/band.
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    Wednesday: Thanksgiving Eve party at my friends' house.

    Thursday: Baked and had Thanksgiving with FI's family.  We ate a ton of food and watched a lot of football.  Good day all around.  :)

    Friday:  Cleaned out about 4 garbage bags of clothes and spent time with my stepbrother's family.  I also had a wonderful date night with FI.

    Saturday: Went to my 10 year high school reunion.  FI and I had a blast hanging out with people I haven't seen in a decade.  What a head trip!  LOL

    Sunday:  Braved the stores on Central Ave. with my mom.

    I'm still recovering and wish it had been a 5 day weekend.  :)
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