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I am looking for a good gift for a ring bearer that is 9 years old. Any suggestions?

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  • What does he like? Buy for him like it's his birthday or christmas. Is he into books? 
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  • Ask his parents what he might like.  They'd know better than a bunch of strangers on a message board.

    If you're looking for a generic response, I don't think you can ever go wrong with Nerf guns when it comes to 9 year old boys.
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  • Do you know what kinds of things he likes? Video games, science, reading, a particular movie or TV show, sports, camping, Boy Scouts, name-brand clothes, music/MP3 players/iTunes, computers, trips (take him to the zoo or aquarium), etc.

    Whatever he likes, play into that. Ask his parents for help if you aren't sure.
  • Get him a lower priced gift so he has something he is into now and will play with, then give a $25-50 savings bond to put towards college. - What's the difference between peanut butter and jam?
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