Affordable Reception Venue in Town?

My fiance and I are wanting to have a more intimate wedding, with 50-75 guests. I am looking into a few venues outside the perimeter where we could have the ceremony and reception, like Vecoma, the Atrium, and Conservatory at Watersone.

Another option would be to have the ceremony at our church and have a reception nearby. Our church is in East Atlanta, which is just south of Little 5 Points. I am having trouble finding a reception venue nearby that would fit in our budget of around $5000. (Or even less would be fine too!) We'd like to have good food, a dance floor, and a beer and wine bar with the reception. Any ideas for a location like that?
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Re: Affordable Reception Venue in Town?

  • Thanks! I requeste and received some information from them.
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  • Brawner hall in smyrna
  • Thanks for the suggestions. We went to check out a possible place yesterday - Wahoo Grill in Decatur. They have a fantastic brunch! Their patio out back is very pretty as well. We are seriously considering it as an option.
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  • I had a friend that got married there..cute place !!
  • What about the Solarium in Decatur?
  • Not familiar with the area, how far is Crooked Pines Farm from you in Eatonton, Georgia. I am having both my ceremony and reception there. It's absolutely gorgeous!
  • Meaders, we are in the city of Atlanta. I'm not totally sure where Eatonton is, but I think it's kind of far out.

    Knaija, I have seen some info on the Solarium, but I was looking for a place ideally that would handle a lot of the set up for me. I wanted a one-stop shop kind of place, but it doesn't look like that will quite work out.

    We went to look at The Atrium and Vecoma over the weekend. We really liked the Atrium, but when all the costs are said and done, it will be well out of our budget. Vecoma was nice, but it didn't wow us.

    We are really leaning toward Wahoo Grill and will hopefully be able to stop by tonight to speak with the manager. They sent me an estimate yesterday that sounds like it will work well for us.
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