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April 2010 Weddings

AW: Local Band hitting it big

So exciting to see something big finally come from our area.  The band, Windsor Drive, had their first video debut on E! News.

Here's the video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlP4D2N5Bhs&NR=1

and it was all filmed in my town.  The part where the guy trips....puppy and I walk there on our lunch hour walks :)

Okay...I'm done now....

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Re: AW: Local Band hitting it big

  • That's awesome!!!  I always love to see local bands succeed.  There's so much talent out there that goes unnoticed.
    We used to go to these garden parties at a hoidy toidy restaurant downtown Detroit every summer from 2003-2006 and our alternative/rock station would host them and 2 local bands would go and play.  Some of them made it big, others are still doing the local thing.  Also, my friend managed a local hard rock band called Overloaded who eventually ended up winning a contest on our rock station to open up for Godsmack in 2007. Of course I was at the show since Godsmack is my favorite.  I became frineds with the band, went to their super bowl parties and stuff - the lead singer is marrying one of my co workers the week after us!!!
  • That is awesome!
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