Solarium in Decatur?

If anyone has gotten married at The Solarium in Decatur I would love to see some pictures, find out how your experience was, etc. However, I'm mainly looking to find out the price and what exactly was included. Thanks so much!

Re: Solarium in Decatur?

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    I'm interested to I plan to have an apointment this week. If I can I'll let you know what I find out. I couldn't find any pictures, so If you do please let me know!
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    I checked out the Solarium. It's very pretty. If you have the wedding outdoors it is on the street across from a fire statation. This made me nervouse. We visted the site at 1pm and the street was quite, so I dont think there would be any interferance. You can also have the wedding inside, then the caterer can flip the room. You can bring in all your own booze, and your own caterer. The space is small. We are looking for a guest count of 130. If everyone fit in one room it would be uncomfortably tight. Guest could be spread out throughout the building, I just didn't want that. The even sales women ( can't think of her name) was very nice and professional. They had a book at the site of weddings and events that have taken place. Seeing the pictures really helped. It can be a very beautiful location.
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