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Wednesday WW Accountability

Morning all!  So excited.... after I finish parent-teacher conferences today I'm done for the weekend.  So looking forward to a long weekend.  And, hubby comes back today (he's been gone for a few days).  Yay!

Have a great day everyone!

B: ww yogurt (1)
L: subway (10)
S: pear (2)
D: not sure.... probably out to eat somewhere with my hubby

Total: 13
Target: 25
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Re: Wednesday WW Accountability

  • have a great long weekend! im jealous!

    WI this morning was a bummer but expected. I've officially gained back ALL the weight that i lost before our wedding. its a shame really that i havent had the ambition to keep up my hard work that led to it before...but now im cracking down on myself. im going to beat this :)

    B: banana (2), coffee (1)
    S: nut bar (3)
    L: salad with stuff and some dressing (2), grapes (1), need to get some protein but had nothing in the house (?)
    D: pork ribs (6)

    Total: 15
    Target: 26

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  • Vball-Have a great long weekend!  Don't get blown away today!
    Graceful-I'm in the same position.  I swore up and down i wouldn't gain more than 5lbs back before I started losing again and here I am, having regained it all.  I'm disappointed in myself, but also completely lacking motivation.  Ugh.

    DH is leaving again on Friday.  That means that when he comes back Nov 7th or 8th, he'll have been gone roughly 5 of the last 7 weeks.  On top of that, I need to stop eating when I'm lonely, sad, miss him or oppositely, when I'm happy he's home and decide to go out.  But, I will not beat myself up.  I did really really well yesterday until dinner for the first time in a while.  And that's good.  It's a process right?  I just wish I wasn't going through the process a second time.  Live and learn I guess.

    B:  Starbucks?  (4ish)
    L: high fiber oatmeal (3)
    S: roll with LC wedge (3)
    D: steak with sweet potato (for real this time) 7 and salad (2) 

    Total: 19
    Target: 21

    E: not sure.  Probably none.
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  • This is my first time on the board, but excited to have a place to keep my self on track with WW.  My goal is to lose apx. 40 pounds by my wedding next August - If I stick to it, it's definitely possible!

    B: Low Sugar instant oatmeal & Banana - 4
    S: Light String Cheese - 1
    L: Smart One and Apple - 7
    S: Fat free popcorn - 1
    D: ...Work event tonight, not sure what will be served - I'll just have to watch portions

    E: Stationary bike this morning, last class of my pre-bootcamp class after work

    Total: 13
    Goal: 25
    Have a great day!
  • Hi Everyone!  This is also my first time on this board.  Although not my first time with our dear friend WW.  I started this time last year and ended up losing 40lbs.  However, after the excitement over getting engaged I have added back on 10 lbs!  So I'm trying to get back on track and hopefully lose 20lbs before the big day in March.  Hopefully this accountability will help!

    LittleKatie:  That is so my trouble too!  I eat for everything I feel...leaving me very fearful of December because of finals, christmas, and new years...too much emotion!  I'm also hoping the stress of the wedding doesn't add to my trouble :(

    B: Thin bagel and fat free cream cheese (2)
    L:  Smart One (4)
    S: Tiny muffins (2)
    D: Most likely another smart one (around 6)

    Total: 14
    Target: 20

    E:  I'm hopeful there will be some :)
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