Wedding Nightmares?

Who has them?

I have a lot, my "favorite" so far: my bridesmaids were helping me get ready, and i looked down, there were the invitations - I had never mailed them!!!

More often, I have weird dreams where I seem to forget to go to my own wedding and don't have time to get ready my dream last night I wasn't wearing my real dress, and my grandmother asked me why I was wearing a mini skirt, lol!

Last week I dreamt our honeymoon was basically at Watchaug Pond, little kids in rafts were splashing water on me and from there it pretty much turned into The Shining.

Please tell me I'm not the only one!!!!
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Re: Wedding Nightmares?

  • ajpufkyajpufky member
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    I had one the other night that I went to a salon to get fitted for my dress, but it was definately NOT my dress or the salon that I had ordered my dress from. I woke up in an absolute panic and had to talk myself though the fact that I had ordered the dress a few months ago and it will be here in April. That was probably the worst one so far! But I have had plenty of others as well, so don't worry you aren't the only one having crazy wedding nightmares!
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    I've had these! One was that my FI picked out our rings for us and when i saw them they were mangled pieces of metal. And in the time of me freaking out that our bands were hideous we missed the wedding.

    Another one I had was that we didn't have enough time at our reception to get cake cutting and things like that in.
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    I dreamt 3 months ago that I found out I was pregnant and would be on the verge of popping at my wedding. I was hysterical thinking I would need to buy a new dress and how I would afford a baby, etc and when I woke up and realized I wasn't pregnant I finally calmed down. Needless to say I am diligent about BC now!  I want kids but not just yet!
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    This is too funny...I JUST had a wedding nightmare last night!  I dreamt that my mom decided to cancel all my plans and host my wedding in the parent's back yard! I still haven't recovered from the terror!
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    I had a dream when we first started looking at engagement rings - my dream was that my dress was missing, so my Mom tied a white bedsheet around me like a toga (she did make a pretty flower, so it looked like a one-shoulder dress).  And I was given cowboy boots and told those were my shoes since I hadn't picked any out (I hate cowboy boots).  And then people kept telling me that so-and-so wasn't coming, and oh yeah, so-and-so also won't be here.  And I finally said, "I don't care who's here, I don't care what I'm wearing, can I just marry him already?!"

    So I guess it was a good dream in a weird way!  I hated the bedsheet toga and the shoes, and was pissed at people for not coming, but all I wanted was just to marry him!



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    I've had some weird ones also!
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