Happy Bride Again :)

First, I got off the phone with the manager at the bridal salon a bit ago (her sister is the owner).  She remembered me and I told her how I had called 3 times and got extremely vague answers as to where my dress was.  She said sorry I'm not sure how many times.  She already had a meeting planned for tonight with the two new girls at the counter.  Totally what I was thinking....some new girls that didn't know what was going on.  She looked up my dress and it was shipped on the 27th!!!  YAY!!! It comes in anytime now and there is for sure a note on my paperwork that states do not open up my dress until I get there.  Dresses apparently come in pretty small dresses for what the dresses are.  So I'm going to flip video opening the box and how it is folded in there.  I'm hoping that I could take my dress this way and then do the steaming in Maui.  If this works the way I want it to, I will be posting a tutorial on my bio to help everyone out :)

Second, while on the phone with Rebecca, I ordered a second dress for myself!  I knew I wanted just a short fun flowy dress for the rest of the wedding day (ceremony is at 9 and I'm so not wearing my dress most of the day, haha).  So after searching and searching for a dress that I would want, I started thinking...what if my BM dress came in white!  It so does!  So I ordered it in white to match my girls today.  I've been thinking about doing this for a few weeks now and my mom said just do it, it will be cute!  I'm really excited for it to come in!  Here's a picture of it!  I'm going to tell FI that since I have a cute semi formal white dress, we're going to have to throw a white out party like Diddy did, haha!

Third, after months of telling my mom that we need to get on finding a place to stay and that I'm a walking depression from not having a place to stay....we finally found a place today!  The weights have been lifted off my shoulders completely.  I was getting to the point where I just didn't care anymore since no one was caring to make solid plans.  Now that we have a place, I feel like this is actually happening!  We decided to get a house instead of a condo and have the BP stay with us.  It helps out our friends too because it's coming out so cheap!  Now they are more excited...hopefully they will buy their tickets soon.  They say they're waiting for their tax return. File it already then, hehe!

Fourth, I'm finally excited to start planning again.  FI is really on board after I explained how I was feeling and just down because I was the only one putting in effort.  Why is it then men have a way of saying they want us happy so whatever we want they want?  I'm gonna start "wanting" the complete opposite of what I know he would, hehe.  He wants me to create a list of things I want his input on and things he needs to research (honeymoon wise).  YAY!  Ps. Kimmy, I'm giving him your list you created as inspiration for hiim to research :)

Re: Happy Bride Again :)

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