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Mexico Honeymoon- Passport?

We have booked our honeymoon in Cancun and I have heard several different things. Do you have to have a passport to get in or our? We are flying there and back, plane leaves from St. Louis, and stops in Dallas then on to Mexico. I've been told that you don't need one to get there but you need one to get back. Could someone please tell me if I really ahve to have one or not?

Re: Mexico Honeymoon- Passport?

  • Yes you need a passport.
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  • Yes you will need a passport. Any travel outside of the US, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands requires a passport. When FI and I went to Cancun last year, we had to go through customs as soon as we got off the plane in Cancun and upon arrival back into the US. Where ever you have your first layover on your way back is where you'll go through customs and you need to present your passport along with a slip you fill out on the plane stating the reason for you being in another country (business.. pleasure.. etc..) and what you are bringing back in to the US.
  • I forgot to add.. of course you go through customs both ways.. both countries will need you to go through customs for their own records. Plus, how else do you think people accumulate stamps from different countries in their passports? You get stamped when arriving in the country and go through their customs. If you fly into Cancun you'll get a Mexican stamp that says Quintana Roo. HTH!
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    Yes, you need a passport. Mexico is another country not another state or Common Wealth of the US. You need a passport for anywhere you go with the exception on the 50 states in the continental US. Oh and cruises you don't need one yet but it's a good idea to have one since they did check ours when we got back on board after excursions.
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  • Ok. Thanks everyone. Guess I know what I'm doing friday lol
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