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Friday Check-in!

Happy Friday everyone! It was 28 degrees here yesterday, which was the average high for Hawai'i in August. It was so nice to be out in the sunshine... especially as we had snow 2 weekends ago!

Is it a long weekend in the US too? We're off to my parents' cottage in Quebec for the weekend right after I finish teaching for the day. I'm SO excited. With the heat, the river is going to be so much fun to kayak and play in. Sure, it'll be a bit brisk, but I think we'll manage.

Also, one of my cousins is staying with us right now, and I haven't seen her since she was 10! Most of my cousins are adopted (the women on my Dad's side don't seem to be able to have kids), but she's not. It's like the first time I've met someone who looks like me, you know? I'm kinda in awe of it.

Re: Friday Check-in!

  • carrieoz_76carrieoz_76 member
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    This week has dragged BIG TIME.  Probably because I'm super-duper excited about my my mom coming today, her seeing my dress tomorrow for the first time at the seamstress's (surprise!), and my shower on Sunday (eee!).

    However, today I have to clean clean clean - this place needs it bad, and I always feel a need to have my home be as immaculate as possible when mom visits.

    Otherwise, I'm working on thank you cards, trying to figure out ceremony songs, and deciding who'll get H&M.  Except this weekend I get to do all that and talk with my mom about it.  :)
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    Enjoy your get away weekend Alyson!

    Have a wonderful weekend with family and friend Carrie.

    I'm just glad another week is over.  The dress fitting nearly put me over the edge, but lots of checks done this week.  Work has all but been ignored lol.  Oh well.  One plus about working for FI - he can't fire me lol.
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    I know everyone is probably sick of my non-wedding related whining about school--but it's all that I have going on right now :( I just got my first non 'A' grades for my last two papers--I'm afraid I'm ruining my streak, and I can just hear my mother and FI saying it's because of my wedding obsession.  hmph.

    On a happy note, my permanent residency application is almost done--I hope to turn it in within the week.  And, I've also gathered all of my material to become a registered teacher here in NSW.  

    I just have to make it until July 10...
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    aww you can do it brittana! july 20 is not too far away!

    i am working this weekend, blah!!! but today i am going to check out another seamstress to get a quote for alterations, and my FMIL is coming with.

    the next two weeks i am going to be preparing for a serious job interview/test! i know, i already have a job, but one of the hotels i applied at FINALLy got back to me and i met with the exec chef this past week. I have to go in and make a cake and two desserts to see if I am at their level of excellence. eeeek!!! i am nervous, but i just can't pass this up seeing as it is one of the top hotels here. i'd feel guilty about leaving my current job since i've only been there for a month, but i've gotta look out for myself and my career if i can do better!!
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