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Um, this may be a bit of a delicate question, but what did everyone have waxed before the big day? How far in advance did you have it done? Not wanting any unsightly rashes!
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Re: Waxing...

  • meep2meep2 member
    Well, first issue is, have you waxed before or recently?
  • I've had my bikini line done before, but it's been a while. The razor gets the job done, but I don't want to be messing with that stuff on the HM! Suppose I'm mostly wondering what's worth the wax and what's better to just keep shaving...
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  • meep2meep2 member
    If you liked the results of the previous wax it might be worth it. I suppose it depends on whether you're more prone to ingrown hairs with waxing or shaving. I like waxing because I get terrible razor burn, so I'd have stubble before I'd be able to wear a swim suit.

    If it's been awhile since your previous wax, the next question is how long you have before your wedding. You'll want to make sure that any areas you've shaved have grown long enough to wax, and if you have several months you may want to do a test run. Generally, though, I'd say that with my fairly sensitive skin even after I haven't waxed for awhile it only takes a day or two before any redness is gone. I particularly like the kind they have at Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas.

    If you decide to wax, you'll probably want to bring tweezers with you on your HM just in case. I always have a few strays that aren't noticable until a few days later!

  • Don't worry. I've never had a problem with rashes after waxing. Do you have time to do a test patch first? If you're nervous, that way you can be absolutely sure you won't react badly to it. You can also just do tried and true shaving. I think you'll be fine either way. Don't try any new creams for the first time, though, because that's more likely to break you out.
  • The first time I got a brazilian done I did break out a day after. My waxer told me that it would happen, so I didn't panic. The salon usually sells products to help soothe it. I haven't had any problems after my first one. They usually last 3-4 weeks though, so I would suggest getting it done about a week before so that if something does go wrong you have a little time to recover. 
  • I think the 2 big areas are underarms and bikini.  I'm not waxing either of these, because I get laser hair removal instead.  But underarms and bikini were both at the top of my list in capital letters with exclamation points.

    ITA with meep.  Also, when I did do waxing, I pink puffy hearted blue wax/hard wax.  You're less likely to get irritation/burned. 

    Bliss also makes these pads that are ingrown hair eliminators that work REALLY well.
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  • No never got waxed before. I would like try a brazilian wax I know ouch!

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