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Wedding Hair and Beauty

Brazilian Blowout

Anybody with curly and frizzy hair ever had a "Brazilian Blowout"? It's a hair treatment that seals the hair's cuticle and keeps the hair from being frizzy for about 12 weeks.  I'm thinking of having it done, but I don't know of anyone who has ever had one and it's kinda pricey.  And no, it has nothing to do with waxing.  Wink

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Re: Brazilian Blowout

  • This was posted on my local board and I can't tell you the things that went through my mind when I first saw it.  I had never heard of it!  :)

    But no, I don't know anything--just that they are expensive!
  • steph - i think the exact same things were running through my mind when i read the thread title!
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  • I actually believe I know somebody who had this...and it worked out really well..but definately didn't last  that many weeks
  • OP,
    From working in a salon, I've seen alot of people get this treatment, I'm not a hair stylist though so maybe someone could explain it better. But from what I've seen, the girls that get it done swear by it. It's a lengthy process, I think a few hours, but from what I've heard the results last a while and it is worth the money. There's a few stipulations whenever you first get it done about when you can get your hair wet but I've seen some very curly hair turn out beautifully smooth. Most salons will want you to come in for a consultation before you actually go in for the treatment so you'll have time to talk to your stylist and ask her all kinds of questions. I think it may last a little closer to 8 weeks before you start to notice your hair curling again but I could be wrong. Depending on how curly your hair is you may feel 8 weeks is still definitely worth it.
  • i thought for a second this would be about a brazilian waxing extravaganza :]

    i've not heard of these, but i have heard of the keratin treatments that are essentially supposed to do the same thing - treat the hair and seal it off, keeping it frizz-free for however long. i do know that you can still curl your hair after having it treated though. i've heard good things, and considered doing it myself. if you do, can we see pics? lol
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  • I have 2 close friends who have had the keratin treatment and they both love it, can't stop raving about it. 
  • I'm a hair stylist and my salon offers the Keratin treatment and also a Keratin express blow out - which is cheaper, but doesn't last as long. I had it done a few years ago when it was first being introduced to the salon world, and it's incredible. I highly reccommend it to any clients with unmanageable frizzy/curly hair. It's not so much a straightening system, but more of a smoothing system. It can change the texture of your hair some, but the overall result is smooth, frizzless hair. It can withstand humidity also, which is fantastic. The Keratin treatment lasts anywhere from 4-6 months (mine did at least) and the express treatment will last about 7-8 weeks. I'd definitely say the price is worth it.
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