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October 2011 Weddings


Hey girls! Here is a place for people to put their wedding recap's so that we don't have to look all over for them!
Planning Bio

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    I planned my wedding in six weeks. I did it all by myself, while working full time, from 1200 miles away. It was super easy and stress-free! Just kidding.
     Doing everything myself was emotionally difficult... The night before, I cried for about an hour in the middle of the night out of stress and panic--NOT because I was worried about the wedding, but because I had my own beautiful suite with a 4-poster feather bed and a jacuzzi tub and I wanted to enjoy that wedding eve, and relax. INSTEAD, from 11 pm to 1 am, I tried unsuccessfully to steam my unrecognizably wrinkly dress myself.

    The wedding coordinator was AWOL. At the worst of it, she had us use our honeymoon suite as a staging area for the bridal party before the ceremony because of its convenient location. When I saw that she'd made no provisions to have the room readied for our return that evening, I asked that she order a turndown service--new towels, new cups, take out the trash, sweep the floor, clean the bathroom, etc. It desperately needed it after people getting ready in it. She promised to have it done; she didn't. Least romantic possible return to the end of the day. No wine or champagne glasses, or bottle openers, no towels, but plenty of garbage and dirt--wrinkled, stained sheets. Hubby called the front desk, who said they'd come out.. in the end, after 45 minutes of still sitting in my itchy wedding dress (I had nothing else appropriate to wear without spoiling the mood or the lingerie), I called them again and said, "Please don't send anyone now. It's our honeymoon night, and now we would like to be left alone." 25 minutes later, they knocked on the door. Awesome.

    That being the very worst of it, the wedding was beautiful, and I finally got the pro

    pictures back, and I was so happy to have them because it went by so fast, I missed a lot of it. I'm glad we did the ceremony, the normal wedding with the dress, etc, and everyone had a wonderful time and I received a lot of high compliments for my planning and design... And I loved having a project all my own. I definitely learned a LOT. I shop differently now--much smarter, get a much better price--and, somehow, I think I have learned to negotiate. I feel like I have a new superpower.

    The best moment? Was actually the night before. My now-hubby came to my suite the night before, and we had a glass of wine, said things to each other that needed to be said before saying our vows (good things--perhaps a little hard, but good). We prayed, we cried, then we danced and laughed that we were actually going to be able to pull it off. --The dancing, I mean. Yep, no better mome nt than nothing than that. Just us.

  • Re-cap of Oct 8th
    A little late but finally getting some time to play on the computer and wanting to reflect on the day!


    I started the day out at 4 am from to a bloody nose that woke me up. At 5:30 am my maid of honor went on a walk with me around the neighborhood to ease jitters. Hubby spent the night at his parent’s house.

     Hair appointments for bridal party, my mom and I at 7 am. Got a little rushed-had to fly over to the church to get makeup and dressed for pictures that were starting at 11.

    My sister’s were both pregnant and my maid of honor didn’t lose all the weight she wanted so we had to get her boyfriend to bring a pair of pliers to pull up the zippers of all three dresses.

    Our flowers were a little different than what I expected because our florist couldn’t guarantee the dark red calla lilies. They looked orange and my wedding colors were black and ivory and apple red. But flowers are beautiful no matter what.

    Pictures in our church sanctuary and nearby church went great. It was our photographers 3rd wedding (we got a great price!!) so one of my personal attendants had to really help with keeping people together and organized.

    We did the popular "first look" picture session and this group of photo’s is the only photo’s we have of him with a tear in his eye (he brushed it away before I noticed it).  

    The weather was cool and sunny so we went for pictures at the park which was fun. We are near a college campus so the horn honks and whistle blowing and “Go DO it” yelled at us really got all of us hyped up.

    We had family pictures at 2. The word didn’t get out to the right people and hubby’s brother took off to go get food so he’s missing in the family pictures.  I planned the day to have a lot of down time so this was my fault. I hate being in a rush and I wanted people to be able to go get food or run home if they needed too. Wedding ceremony at 4. This is when sister so lovingly told me my makeup looked like crap (we were lining up to walk down the aisle).

    My personal attendant quickly asked about my something old, new borrowed and blue items and I completely forgot about old and borrowed (blue undies and promise ring and new wedding gown/jewelry and veils). She slipped off her grandma’s ring she wears and let me wear it. I will remember this always-it was such a sweet thing to do.
    I was jittering and bouncy and when the organist started Canon D for the bridal party I just about lost it to tears.

    I held tight to my dad and took deep breaths. I walked down to Canon F and saw family and friends smiling as I made my way to my soon to be husband.
    Ceremony went awesome after I realized I didn’t need to be nervous anymore (was gazing at the cars going by through the stained glass and it dawned on me to relax). Only my mom caught onto my bouncing and toe tapping.  Our soloist sang We Raise You Up (Josh Groban) and It’s Your Love(Tim McGraw) and did terrific.

    The ring ceremony got flubbed because I reached for hubby’s ring when the pastor told hubby to take mine. Also I was on the wrong side for the unity candle lighting. Hubby whispered this to me and I explained the train on my gown and long veil was like a dinosaur tail, I couldn’t just turn around without knocking a things over and tripping over things in my path.

    We had a receiving line at the church which I was glad we did because we didn’t make it to many tables at the reception.

    We exited to bubbles and jumped on our party bus which drove hubby and I and the bridal party and their significant other’s around for an hour before the dinner at the reception hall. This was one of the best times of the day because we were just enjoying ourselves dancing, talking and relaxing after the ceremony. Still hear about how fun it was.

    Hubby and I were glad to finally wind down and relax but I encourage other brides to get food in their stomachs if they plan on drinking on their wedding day/evening because after a wine cooler I was toast. 

    After getting to the reception hall the bridal party and hubby and I sat at the head table for dinner (served 15 minutes late from our contract time and some of the chicken was pink which we got refunded for).
    My maid of honor had a really sweet speech and hubby’s best men both had great speeches too. Bummed the microphone volume was so low that only the head table and few front tables heard the speeches.

    We cut our cake at 7:30. I didn’t take the time to eat the slice that was served to me that night but we had some left over’s to take home so I got to enjoy it later. White chocolate raspberry! Our candy buffet was a hit. We had a slideshow of baby and youth pictures of hubby and me to play until before the dance. The slideshow was perfect-had a lot of teary eyed and laughing guests which made it a successful slideshow.

    The dance was upbeat, and a blast. I was happy the DJ kept it family appropriate until later on. We had lots of compliments of it being one of the best wedding dances guests had been too. Hubby and I danced to almost every song with all of our guests that came out to the dance floor.
    L My hook and eye on my slip wasn’t clasped properly and I woke up the next day with deep scratches on my lower back from it. I now have a tiny scar…I do regret drinking a few too many that night because I was still ready to party at 3 am-the dance had been done at 12:30. This was my fault again for not eating any of my dinner (too nervous to eat in front of all of the guests).

    If you read from a recent post on this board and the wedding re-cap board I touched on the negative things that happened that I wish I could have stopped from happening or fixed. 

    Tonight I purposely took the time to focus on the positives in this post because this is how I want to remember my wedding day always. Hubby and I are proud of footing the bill of our dream day completely by ourselves and planned it just the two of us, together-this was something we created to share for the rest of our lives.
     I received a text from my personal attendant the day after the wedding stating all day she could feel the closeness of family, friends and sense of love all throughout the day.  This was exactly what we had wanted for a wedding and we got it.
    **Wouldn't allow me to put up more pictures***
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