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Hair back and square faces?

I'd be grateful for help or suggestions.  I have a rather squarish/rectangular face with strong angular features (thanks, German roots!)  I find it very hard to find hair styles that flatter my face, particularly when wearing my hair back.  Ideally, I would like to wear my hair back since I'm wearing a chapel length veil and I don't think a comb would stay with my hair down.  Does anyone have any ideas for "soft" hairstyles with the hair pulled away from the face?  I don't look good with the half-up, half-down hairdo; I have thick, straight blond hair that holds styling well.  Thanks in advane for your suggestions! 

Re: Hair back and square faces?

  • I'm sure you can get the comb to stay in hair that isn't pulled back.  If you don't like the way you look with your hair away from your face, I wouldn't go that route on your wedding day. 

    Have a consultation with your stylist and figure out what can be done.
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    What kind of hair do you have? I would talk to your stylist about not using too much product and/or not pulling your hair back super tight. I might even consider not putting my hair back, and doing something like this:

    Here is the wavy-hair project wedding website, I would recommend soft waves to go with your bone structure, sorta like the girl above!
  • I have the exact same thing complete with a widow''s peak and I was convinced I couldn't pull off an updo.  What I am doing (hard to describe so I hope I do ok) is separate the hair in the front from the back.  Put the back into a bun (or whatever) then twirl the front pieces and pull them back to meet the rest and then "bump" it forward so I have volume on the side.  I'm doing an side part and am sweeping my bangs wide along my face and am leaving plenty of stray pieces all around my face.It looks good and definitely soft. 

    Oh and if this helps at all - I am always  worried about my strong cheek bones (particularly when smiling in pics....doh) but I actually had a make artist put some dark contour in the cheek bones to emphasize them and then went on and on about what a beautiful jaw I had.  Not that I feel the same way what so ever - but it was cool none the less :)  
  • Yeah - A lot like the picture shown above but my hair is curly all over so its even softer and the sides are bumped forward a little more and way more fringe everywhere
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