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B- high fiber oatmeal, scrambled eggs
S- yogurt with grapenuts
L- pb banana protein shake
D-?? going grocery shopping---maybe fish?

E- NROL4W stage 1....probably will have to put my waders on to get the weights from my basement :(

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  • I just realized that my shirt matches my iPhone cover.... is that bad?

    B: PB banana shake, coffee w/ skim milk, 2 timbits
    S: plain ff yogurt w/ protein powder and pecans
    L: Tuna Avocado salad, excited.
    S: 1% cottage cheese w/ whole unsalted cashews
    D: eggs, whole wheat english muffins and peameal bacon

    E: Stage 2A Workout 3 of NROL4W, finally getting back to it!
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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  • this rain is seriously getting me down, but it's nothing compared to some parts of the country, so i guess i shouldn't complain.

    b - kashi golean crunch, skim
    l - chicken fajitas (minus the sour cream and guac).  going to a mexican restaurant for the boss's birthday, and there are no healthy options. 
    s - apple, string cheese
    d - tilapia, veggies.
    s - tea, maybe popcorn

    e - NMTZ.  dang i'm out of shape.
  • b - fiber bar 
    l - soy pita "pizza", asparagus
    s - ff greek yogurt
    d - veggie stir fry w/ chicken & soyaki
    s - pineapple and strawberries (yum!)

    e - 45 on the treadmill
  • I really hope you guys out east get some of this weather we're having, sunny 60 today; mid-70s the rest of the week! (This doesn't count as bragging since I can't control the weather, right?)
    B: oatmeal w/ strawberries, coffee & soy milk
    S: carrots & applesauce
    L: turkey taco meat (I finally got my own seasoning right!), black beans, tomato & light ranch
    D: grilled salmon & salad

    E: rest day + trip to the chiro.
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  • oo greenglass do you mind sharing you seasoning recipe?  I always hate using the packets because they are so high in sodium!
  • So glad that Monday is finally over! It was such a long day for me!

    B: Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal (it looked like captain crunch and I was hoping...but definitely not!) and ff free milk
    S: granny smith apple
    L: lite pimento cheese on 12 grain bread, strawberries and blackberries
    S: veggies and dip
    D: TBD

    E: tennis and gym

    I have got to get habitual about tracking my calories again! I've been devient from TDP and gained back 2 I still have 18 to go...UGH!
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    To my ground turkey I add:
    1/2c medium salsa
    1tbsp garlic
    1/2 tsp chipotle pepper
    1/2 tsp fresh ground pepper
    1/2 tsp cumin
    1/2 tsp paprika
    dash of seasalt
    A lot of the flavor will depend on what kind of salsa you use and I don't actually measure out the ingredients, so that's just my eyeballing :P
    I put a dab of olive oil in the pan and add garlic & peppers and toast until fragrant. After that I'll add the meat & when it's about half cooked I add salsa.
    *I will note that this would probably be even better if FI would tolerate me putting some minced onion in too
    **ps. this has a lot more kick today than yesterday, the mild blackbeans helped balance the flavor though. whew!

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  • b- peanut butter on a granny smith apple
    s- apricots
    l- bean burrito, no cheese, and a side of rice (have to go out for lunch with work...)
    s- greek yogurt with strawberries
    d- TBD, probably something microwaved because I have to pick up my brother from the airport straight from work and will get home late. But on the bright side, my brother is moving to LA today from North Carolina, woo hoo!

    e- just came back from the gym, 45 min on the elliptical
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    It's raining all the way out here too.

    B - low fat yogurt with berries
    S - edamame
    L - couscous salad
    S - luna bar
    D - I think gardenburger riblet sandwiches with oven fries. FI isn't home tonight, so we'll see.

    E - 3 mile run/walk
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  • Back on the board after a looong weekend of bach-ette activities and recovery yesterday (Raynes, I did try to relax and not be too OCD about eating/drinking, but sadly it was a friend's and not MY bach-ette party, so I didn't have an excuse for fully indulging. : )
    B: FF Greek yogurt w/strawberries & Kashi GoLean Crunch; black tea w/H&H and sugar
    S: Dried mango slices w/pistachios
    L: Chop't spinach salad w/bell peppers, broccoli, black beans, chickpeas & maybe flank steak
    S: Apple w/skim string cheese; 1 oz dark chocolate
    D: Steamed veggies, gigante beans in tomato sauce, banana, red wine
    E: FIrst Pilates Reformer class! Kind of scared.
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  • B- half a homemade whole wheat bagel, lite cream cheese and strawberry-rubarb spread
    S- granola bar... finally perfected the recipe, yum!
    L- fruit salad: cantaloupe, mango, pineapple, strawberry with yogurt
    D- mac and cheese with whole wheat pasta, jack and provolone, and lite kielbasa, and sauteed spinach
    D- slice of almond pound cake
    E- Jillian Michaels mini workouts: armed and dangerous, get back; extra sets of bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, and chest things; pushups; and stability ball crunches
  • 75 and gorgeously sunny here today, I got to burn some extra calories at the park, woohoo! Hope the rain stops for you ladies soon.

    B: whole wheat toast w/ PB, banana, coffee
    S: protein shake w/ light soy milk
    L: side salad w/ light balsamic, turkey and cheese on wheat sandwich thin
    S: hummus and raw veggies
    D: chicken and broccoli (I think)

    E: Plyometrics, 2 mile walk after work. I don't think I ate enough yesterday b/c my energy level was low working out today, ugh.
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