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To you, and to everyone else who suggested I read Hunger Games...


I usually get a couple of chapters read of whatever book I bring camping, between all of the other things that we do. I chewed through 3/4 of HG this weekend.

So good! And I'm SO excited that it's a trilogy!! I made my sister buy it on her Kindle as well as soon as I got home and she hasn't put it down yet either. Smile

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  • lunarsongbirdlunarsongbird member
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    AH! I'm saving Hunger Games for the drive back to Colorado! Me thinks I should get all of them.

    On Saturday- I read Garden Spells in it's entirety. Thanks for NEY for recommending that one as well.
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  • Hazel_BHazel_B member
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    Luna - Definitely get all of them. That's what my sister and I did in Spain. We have the North American cover for the first one and the European cover for the other two.
  • heyimbrenheyimbren member
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    YES, I'm so glad you like it!! I love hearing that people are reading them and enjoying them!

    I won't ask you the most important question yet, since you're still in the first book Innocent

    If you like books like this, you may like Delirium by Lauren Oliver.

  • desertsundesertsun member
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    Oh hai!

    Sorry, I was away for the weekend and have had a busy day catching up at work.

    I'm so glad you liked it! I have to give credit where it's due and acknowledge Bren for convincing me to read it. I had read some not so positive reviews of the last book in the series and was really hesitant to invest in the series if I wasn't going to like the ending. But I LOVED all the books, and I'm really glad others also enjoy them!

    Lunar, I think I rec'd Garden Spells. I love Sarah Addison Allen. I'm constantly recommending her. Garden Spells and The Sugar Queen are among my favorite books.

    If you guys like fantasy at all and are open to witty fantasy as opposed to serious/epic fantasy, you should read Terry Pratchett's Tifany Aching series. The first one is The Wee Free Men. Funny and entertaining reads on one level, and just so wise on a deeper level.
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