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New Jersey

Semi-New & need help

Hello ladies! I've been a member of the knot for a long time now and also a member on the August 2012 board. I live in Staten Island, NYC but am 99% sure our venue choice is in NJ so here I am!

I'm having trouble looking at vendors because I dont know if I should look at people in SI or in NJ. I'm thinking the NJ ones would be cheaper (as usual) and have decided to look there but I know nothing about NJ or their vendors.

So if you have any suggestions or recommendations, let me know. I am on a very tight budget so price is an important factor, unfortunately. All I have now (again like 99% sure) is my venue and thats it!

Hope to get to know all of you ladies very well! :)
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Re: Semi-New & need help

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    Hi!  We can definitely help you!  Post which vendors you are looking for and general price range so we can suggest vendors within your budget.
  • cindyn9178cindyn9178 member
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    Just wanted to point out, I believe that they do not charge a tax on Limo service in Staten Island, and they do charge tax in NJ.. we booked a Staten Island limo for my bachelorette party and saved a lot because we didn't have to pay tax (my party is in NJ but since the company is in Staten Island, it still applies). So that is something to look into as far as a limo goes...
    (I also know for a fact that NJ does not charge a tax for DJ service, so any DJ in NJ who tries to charge you tax, or tells you they are "waiving" the tax, is lying.. Not sure what the deal is in Staten Island though).
  • GiaspoGiaspo member
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    Hi! What venue are you thinking? That will help us a lot too. Congrats and welcome to the board!
  • maddie7maddie7 member
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    I would recommend http://dashofclass.com/ they did an amazing job for me and they also have an office in SI besides NJ. Ask for Vito. Everyone raved about our music.  I also recommend Santos Limo http://santoslimousine.com/ which is right on Rt. 1 not far from SI, a top vendor that was amazing.  I also rec. Santos Florist  http://www.santosflorist.net/newark-florist/weddings-10386c.asp?topnav=LeftNav ask for Manny. My flowers were amazing!!! GL to you! Where is your venue???
  • NJhousewife22NJhousewife22 member
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    You may find our vendor review site helpful

    Happy planning!
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    Definitely let us know what you're looking for.  One of my BMs is getting married next spring and lives on Staten Island.  She's doing a mix of SI vendors and NJ.
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    Welcome!!!! Happy planning!
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    Okay, I'm going to try to address everything that was said / asked so bear with me LOL

    Venue - Roycebrook Golf Club in Hillsborough, NJ. We're having an outdoor ceremony and the reception in a huge, beautiful tent.

    Vendors I still need -
    photographer (possibly videographer as well)
    transportation (we really want a cool fancy car for the two of use and possibly a limo or party bus for WP)
    *Flowers I will be doing myself because there won't be too many.

    Budget - under $1000 per vendor preferably (we're paying for everything ourselves)

    @Cindy - thanks for the info!!! :)
    @Maddie & NJHousewife - thanks I will look into those sites!
    @JoBell - that's what I was thinking as well!

    Thank you all! :)
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