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I know it's only thursday but it helps me get through the rest of the day/week...
what are you all doing this weekend? any big plans... wedding or nwr!

*No big plans for me this weekend - just relaxing.  Saturday, we are going to FI's work picnic but that's about it...  Laughing

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Re: weekend

  • Whew, italic is a little hard to read...

    Weekend, FI's hometown fair...not really looking forward to it :P  Tonight: lots of drinking with my co-worker, THAT I'm looking forward too!
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    [QUOTE]Whew, italic is a little hard to read...
    Posted by future-mrs[/QUOTE]

    fixed it ... oops!!
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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: weekend : fixed it ... oops!!
    Posted by mcgoveer[/QUOTE]

    Np, that's MUCH better :)
  • HinajHinaj member
    Nothing WR this weekend, I have a book to read for school and then start working on my paper, so I can show the prof a draft of it next Tuesday.  Read a book for pleasure instead for school. 

    Also, I am going to research more about floor tiles, go to Lowes or something to see them. 
  • FI and I leave for vacation today!! =) After he gets off of work and we go to our Awsome Abbs Class we are headed out to Oregon, California, Washington, and Vancouver Canada!! whoohoo!! Im so excited!!! We will be gone for 10 days and then when we get home i fly out the next morining for a week back home in Michigan with my family. =D
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  • future mrs- i could definitely use a night full of drinking soon lol

    good luck with the paper.  one of my majors in college was english... i feel your pain.  hopefully, you'll get some of that pleasure reading in though!

    littlepixie- that sounds like a lot of fun!! ive been to washington several times and it is an awesome place to visit. i LOVE mt. rainier.  we don't have things like that in nj and it really takes my breath away! i don't think i could live there bc the weather does get to me... have a great trip!!
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  • We have our engagement party!  Never expected to have one, but FI's parents friends wanted to throw it for us - it'll be about 20-30 good friends and family...just looking forward to seeing everyone in one spot!  :)
  • littlepixie, you never told me where in Oregon you're going.  Most likely, you're gonna drive right by me if you're driving.

    I'm going to a bridal shower on Saturday for my friend who is getting married labor day weekend....not really looking forward to it, but hat's because I'm not a fan of bridal showers.

    Other than that, nothing.
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  • I have homework to do all day Saturday...not looking forward to it but I really want to get it done. On Sunday I an spending the day out on a boat. My friend rented a boat for the day, so that should be fun.
  • Hang with a friend and watch project runway (neither of us have cable so we are at the mercy of the interwebs). I made a "play date" for my fiance. He will be gone most/ all of Saturday with his friend who he hasn't seen in forever. I have studio time for school this weekend. Hope I can find a model so I don't have to cancel. That is it so far.
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  • WR - I'm going to email another photographer and set up a meeting.  I had a meeting with one yesterday!  I also need to get organized with looking at additional reception venue choices and get on those DIY projects.  Will I get them done this weekend?  Maybe not but I surely want to get a start on them.  [Keep saying that though, unfortunately]

    NWR - My town's little festival is this weekend also and while I'm not a fan, the son is so we're going to that on Saturday.  I also want to hit up the pool more since the end of summer is near.  I also made 800 some more photographs at the store the other day, and I've got to get names, ages, dates, and other information on the back of those, then organize them into chronological order and get them into albums.  FUN!  ...
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  • I am just going to unpack and get this house looking like something decent!

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  • Tomorrow I'm going to call the caterer and set up an appointment to meet sometime soon [I'm on my three week break from school starting today! woo!]

    Saturday - Work and then a BBQ at a local lake with some of fi friends and their girlfriends and some of my friends

    Sunday - Nothing as of now but we may go on a hike or something like that
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  • Wellllllll.... FI and I originally planned on moving out of our condo on Saturday but finally got a phone call back from the building manager yesterday (we had been trying to get a hold of her for the past 2 weeks to reserve an elevator) saying we couldn't move out on the weekend and Friday and Monday were booked solid so we had to choose between Tuesday and TODAY.  Our landlord said we could only stay until Tuesday if we payed half of August's rent (if you've ever paid rent in downtown Chicago you know that this is horse$@%#) so we decided to go completely insane and move out today, even though I had to work.  We packed stuff up from the time we got off work yesterday until about 3 a.m. then got up at 5:30 a.m. to finish up packing before I left for work.  My dad drove into town and he and my FI loaded everything up while I wasn't even here.  We are still staying in Chicago until Saturday because we both have to work and already made plans to hang out with friends before we left.  This means that I am typing this while sitting on my barren living room floor in the place my couch used to be, with only an air mattress and one bag of clothes to last us until the weekend.  ANYWAYS, this means that I am doing absolutely nothing this weekend, except maybe drinking heavily on a boat, yay!

    In an unrelated story, the el shut on my arm yesterday when I was on my way home from work, so I retracted it thinking they would open the doors for me and the [email protected]$$ drove away... nice

    Long story short- I've had a two day pity party but am over it now and ready to have an actual party

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  • This weekend I am going to go to my Xpose workout! Friday night is pole and Saturday morning is chair/floor. I is the best and most fun workout ever! Then on Sunday my MOH and I are going to go to a bridal show, hope we have some fun and win something :) Hope you all have a good weekend!
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    I have a busy 2 weeks ahead of me.. Tomorrow we are going to see a Laser light show featuring Beetles music! and then Saturday evening we are taking our engagement photos!!! and then next Saturday is the engagment party! holy crap am I excited!! haha
    xo Alia
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  • I honestly don't have anything planned for this weekend. Now next weekend I am trying on dresses at two different bridal salons.
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