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NWR: I Need to Punch Someone. (Vent)

URG! I'm so frustrated. Nothing can ever just go smoothly in my life. EVER. My cell phone decided it wants to hate me. I can hear people just fine..but no one can hear me. And come September I'm off my dad's plan. Just so happens that's when my contract is up. But I need to get off it now in order to get a phone that works....which means its going to cost me $$$ to cancel the plan early. Or I could just go a month without a phone. Which would be totally fine with me...except I need a phone for wedding planning stuff. Otherwise I would be very cool with not using a phone for a month. It would actually be pretty awesome.
It's just all these little stupid things that happen OVER and OVER to me. It's always something. I seriously don't think I go a day without some stupid thing popping up for me to stress over. I'm stressed enough...and lacking mucho sleep.
Oh and today I worked 530am-2....drivethru at starbucks. Please when you go through the drivethru (anywhere) don't be an ass. Thanks.

Just needed to vent. Thanks.
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Re: NWR: I Need to Punch Someone. (Vent)

  • I"m sorry you're frustrated.  Are you sure you can't get a new phone earlier?  Most companies will let you get a phone as long as you're X months from the end of the contract.  Then again, if you're going to be leaving the plan completely, I don't know if it would apply.
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  • i'm eligable for a new phone...but it would extend my contract 2 more years...which my dad won't let me do. Which is fine and I understand. I want to switch carriers anyways. It just sucks. My phone couldn't have held out for another 4 weeks?
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  • Can you get a new phone with the company you want and continue to have your dad pay the bill for the next two months on the old phone? That way you can start a new contract with the company you want and still have a phone. I know its not convient to pay two bills at once but is it feasible?
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  • Melissa I feel your pain with stupid crappy situations like this!  I'm sorry about your phone that freakin blows!  Stupid crap like these unexpected expenses creep up on me ALL the time.  It's usually just as I've managed to save a few bucks and poof... the brakes on the car go or poof... a tire blows.  Makes me want to hurt people.  Which starbucks are you at?  I know one of the girls at the Lincoln one (In the target plaza)

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  • what company do you have?  i have verizon and the same problem happened to me--i could hear ppl but they couldnt hear me.  so i called V and they sent me a another phone.  it took two days.  it was free if i sent back the broken one.  my plan is also up in a month so i figured i would just take the phone they sent me until my contract is up and then get a new phone when i redo my contract.  does that make sense?

    HUGE inconvenience, ESPECIALLY right now with everything else going on (trust me, if this happened to me right now, i would probably curl up in the fetal position and cry for 24 hours) but most companies should be able to work with you to get you a phone to you since yours is broken for a reason that is not your fault.  call your companies customer service # and explain that the phone is broken and see what they can do about it.  good luck, let me know if you need any thing else!

    also, speaking of drive thru's, did you ever listen to the dane cook routine when he worked in a drive thru at BK?  too funny.
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    I agree with Jen3969 - as inconvenient as it is to pay for 2 bills, it's probably less than the ridiculous amount they charge for cancelling a contract.

    Sorry to hear about your phone.   
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  • Cancelling a contact with who Im with is only a percentage or what you have left on your plan. And they don't usually bill that out for 15-30 days after the cancelled contract. Call them and see what they're cancellation fee is.
  • sorry to hear about your phone, but hopefully you can get it resolved.

    I feel your pain though. Just when I got finished paying off $800 worth of dental work I get a bill from an emergency filling that was completed earlier this year. It's $72, sad to say that I'll be making installment payments on until after the wedding. $72 is what I have for flowers so go figure.
  • if ppl are giving you crap o drive through just start acting like you can't hear them and say really loud "Sorry! You're gonna have to come in to order our speaker isn't working properly!"

    or if you have the talent to do so, start randomly beat boxing whenever they try to order. :o)

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  • dont know what carrier you have but with sprint if you have a old phone they can reactive it for free with no new contract or maybe a freind/family mamber has a old one you can have to finish out your contract
  • Thanks for all the advice guys. I have Verizon. I'm going to try to dig up an old phone, just in case. But I'm going to give them a call and see what the deal is. If there is anything I can do to get out of my contract with out this huge fee.
    Worst comes to worst. I won't keep my phone number pay for the last month on my dad's bill....and just start fresh.

    As for the drivethru....I might have to start just being ridiculous. I've had so many rude people. They order a mile a minute....it's hard enough to hear through those stupid headsets...then add in the fact that I seriously think I'm going deaf in one ear, I can hardly get anything right the first time around. And they act like I'm an idiot when I repeat something back wrong or say "I'm sorry I didn;'t catch all of that could you repeat yourself?" Gag. And I HATE that people come through the drivethru to order 5 frappacinnos, 4 breastfast sandwiches (warmed), a muffin warmed and cut in half, a bagel toasted with the cream cheese on it. I MEAN come on! Come inside if you want all that crap. And don't ask what do you have for food. COME INSIDE YOU LAZY ***! Wow that felt good!
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