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August 2010 Weddings

I'm a terrible person part II with added *RANT*

So FI agrees to have his nephews at the ceremony only and then we have an adults only reception. 

He rings his Sister to let her know, and asks me to flick her a nice email as well.  Which I do.
She dosen't reply to the email, but instead tells FI that she doesn't know if she will be able to find a babysitter and might not be able to come. 
Are you kidding me, it's Eight months away!!!  I never thought she would act like this.
Then she calls FI's Mother and complains who calls FI and complains.

I am So annoyed that they didn't handle it like adults.  It's ridiculous to expect two small boys to sit at a formal reception for 5-6 hours.  I've never seem them stay at a table for more than 20 minutes!

What am I supposed to say next time I see them, or they call?  What am I supposed to say when they bring it up, and why can't she be polite and return my email?

Re: I'm a terrible person part II with added *RANT*

  • maybe she just no longer wants to attend your wedding...
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  • I am having an adult only reception but I am hiring a babysitter to stay at the hotel with the kids so the parents don't have to worry about hiring a sitter.
  • I offered her a babysitter in the email I sent, as we are arranging one for my sister and one other family already.  She was just saying that to try and make us feel bad.
  • It shouldn't take you very long to realize that you can't please everyone. There's just no way. Do what you originally planned. You are absolutely right when you say "it's 8 months away" Maybe she'll grow up by then and realize you only get married once, suck it up and come. I'm sorry!
  • Are you not having a dj?  I said it before and I will say again that I have family children ages 2-10 who jam it up on the dance floor at weddings.  You can make whatever restrictions you want, but like PP said you can't make everyone happy, but you also have to expect that people may not come because of it. My brother & SIL attempted the no kid reception, and people brought their kids in anyway (they provided babysitters but since we were all OOT, most people didn't want to leave their kids with strangers). And one of our cousins didn't come because of it. 

    Your SIL may not come, and you & FI have to decide if you are ok with that. We are inviting all family children, and if the local family members opt for a babysitter that's fine. But FI's brother and mine are OOT, and we know that there's a chance they may have to leave a little early if the kids get fussy, or that they might not "hang out" with us after for a drink. But we're ok with that to have the experience of our entire family there.  You & FI just have to agree together on the final decision and if you are ok with whatever result comes from that.
  • Why is it that people with children act as if the world revolves around THEM and what they want? I know that not EVERYONE acts that way... but it sure seems like a lot of people do!
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