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Wednesday Accountability

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B: Coffee (1), 1 slice of ham, egg whites, & 1 slice of cheese on an english muffin (8)
S: Fruit cup (0)
L: Healthy Choice Beef Merlot (5), WW oatmeal raisin cookie (2)
S: Apple (0)
D: Pork tenderloin (7? I have to check the serving size on the pack when I get home), some kind of steamed veggie (0)

Total: 23

E: 2 miles running with warm up & cooldown walks (+5), weights (+1)

Re: Wednesday Accountability

  • BF:  egg + egg white, english muffin, 1/2 TBS whipped butter, 1/2 TBS orange fig spread.
    S options:  1/2 c. blueberries, 1/2 c. blackberries, 50 pistachios in shells, large peach
    L:  ST greek salad, H's mini whole wheat pitas with chicken shrawama (sp?) and sauce
    D:  ST broiled chicken thighs with artichokes and feta, broccoli, grape tomatoes, green beans.

    E:  30 DS if I have time...  I have to take my dad to the car place after work, run to the store, make dinner, make a dessert for a work potluck, and be at Bible Study by 7 pm.  busy night.
  • B- hot chocolate yogurt with dark chocolate almonds
    L- chick pea and tomato salad
    S- if anything an apple
    D- black bean and sweet potato tacos
    S- wine may be, pita chips

    E- abs works out, may be one my dance/yoga videos


  • B: 1/8 cup eggwhites, whole wheat english muffin, three slices turkey bacon
    S: Fresh veggies
    L: Small cresent with two tbs homemade chicken salad, half cup cheesy potatos
    S: Skinny Vanilla Latte, fruit
    D: Turkey bacon BLT and chips.

    E: 5 mile run


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