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December 2010 Weddings

check and feeling weird.

So, I booked the caterer for the wedding up here. She's going to be doing roast beef, roast potatoes, carrots (all with gravy), and apple pie for dessert.
While she was talking to me, she asked me if I was excited, and said that most brides get real excited when they book the caterer (side note: most weddings around here get planned all in the 3 months before the wedding, so things like that I guess make it seem real). I agreed, but truthfully, I don't really feel all that excited, or like it's "real", about either of the weddings.
I've said before that we would have been married 4 years ago if we could have, and FI and I actually once got dressed up and said vows to each other 4 years ago, so I don't know if that's it, or what?
Anybody else feeling this way, or is it just my oddness showing through?
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Re: check and feeling weird.

  • I feel the same way.  In many ways I just want the wedding to be over and us be on our honeymoon!
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  • I get excited when I think about being married to FI but all the planning is so stressful.
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  • There are times where the whole wedding doesn't feel real to me yet - you'd think the fitting of the big white dress and the getting back little white envelopes in the mail from people saying they'll be there would make it feel real...

    But, nope.  I'm hoping it feels real by the day...I honestly think it's just because the engagement has been so long, that it's not hit me yet that 45 days from now I'll be a Mrs.

    Then again, I've got personal drama, family issues, and bridal party drama, so I'm a little scattered lately.

    But I know how you feel!
  • There are also days where I feel things are surreal and wonder if this is all really happening. Some excitement and some not so much just getting things done. I am also ready for the day to be here and have all the details done and have a great day with my husband!
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  • There are days where I just want to be on our honeymoon already and past the wedding.  However, for the most part, I am super excited and can hardly believe I have 37 days left!
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  • Last weekend I flew into town to cram 4 different wedding appointments in.  I started to find all the detail stuff really funny at different points.  I don't think my mom appreciated my sillyness. It feels so surreal, and discussing shades of purple for over 10 minutes became really hilarious to me.  Maybe it was the sleep deprivation from traveling.  But alot of the detail nonsense stuff is pretty funny.
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  • yeah there are days when I feel really excited and cant wait for the day to get here then there are days where I think why didnt we just elope, too much stress!!
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