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August 2010 Weddings

okay - I know we have done this before but I need reassurance

My wedding is August 28th .. we may not be sending out the invites until mid to late June and I am freaking out that is so late.
How many weeks before your wedding (approx) did you send out the invites? or will you send them out?

Re: okay - I know we have done this before but I need reassurance

  • LittlinLittlin member
    We just sent ours out, which is 10 weeks before our August 7th wedding.  We have an RSVP date exactly a month before (July 7th) because we have to let the venue know numbers.  That gives people 6 weeks to RSVP.

    You are fine for timing!
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  • we're august 8th and haven't sent them out yet. they'll probably go out late next week. if you send yours out around june 28th you should be good to go. 
  • I'm getting married on Aug. 21st I'm sending mine out in two weeks. My RSVP date is Aug. 1st.
    As long as you have 6weeks I think you are fine for timing :)

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    August 14th wedding, we're sending our invites out at the end of June, the first of July.  6 weeks before the wedding.  Between 6-8 weeks is supposedly the traditional timeline. 

    For my wedding, only OOT is family (they have already booked their hotel rooms) and I'm not 'competing' for guests - meaning I don't know any guests who have any other weddings to go to OOT around the time of ours, since 95% of our guest list lives within a 10 mile radius of our home and we speak to weekly.  I don't have the pressure of getting my invites out before anyone else.

    I just RSVPed to a wedding that is on June 19th.  They sent in-town invitations out on May19th, 4 weeks before.  Her RSVP deadline is June 1.  Had no problem since I already knew about the wedding.
  • I'm August 28th too! Asked the same question 2 weeks ago because I had a mini breakdown but I am sending mine out (confidently) on June 26th so they arrive June 28th!

    RSVP date August 11th
  • We just got all our invites assembled this weekend (yay!) and will be sending them out this week for our August 15th wedding.  We're doing about 10 weeks before because we have a lot of family that is OOT.
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  • I sent mine out at the beginning of this month for my Aug. 7th wedding. It was a bit early yes...but they were done and I was just excited and ready to get them out of the house! Our RSVP by date is July 7th...which will allow for plenty of procrastination and also gives us 2 weeks to make calls to those who forgot to send a reply. :)
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  • My date is August 7th and we are sending our invites June 1st, with an RSVP date of July 14th (3 weeks prior to the wedding) so total time guests start receiving invites until the wedding date, is 8 weeks. Mid to late June is fine for a end of August wedding.

    When will your RSVP date be? just allow yourself at least 2 weeks to track down people who dont rsvp, so assuming that your RSVP date would be Aug 14th which means even if your invites are send the beginning of July guests have a month and a half to RSVP (6 weeks) thats PLENTY of time! No worries!

  • This board freaks me out because we are getting married on August 7 and my printer is horrible, so we don't even have invites to send out yes. (I started the printing process about 2 months ago...it's a long story). Everything else is ready to go, so as soon as I have invites in my hands, I just need to put them in pocketfolds. Our goal has always been June 7 and we can still make that deadline as long as I get the invites this week like they were promised.

    Even though standard time is 6-8 weeks, our guests are getting antsy for their invite. We get a lot of questions about them from people who received their STDs in Jan.
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  • I'm August 28th, and I am sending them the last week of June. Don't stress. What's the big hurry? As long as they have 3+ weeks to respond in some way, you are ok! Most people wait till the very last day of deadline to send back rsvps anyways. 
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  • dew3162dew3162 member
    I sent mine out at the end of April but my wedding is a destination wedding so they needed to go out early so that anyone that wants to come has time to prepare.
  • aweilbaaweilba member
    We're getting married on August 6, and we just sent ours out on Thursday.  So that's about 10 weeks before our wedding, but our RSVP date is July 16.  Over half of our guests are OOT, so we wanted them to have plenty of time to make arrangements if they decide to come.
  • i am getting married aug 28 also. i am sending invites out june 30 and rsvp deadline is  aug 6
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  • We're August 28, and we're sending them the last week of June. We sent STDs in February, so everyone already knows whether they'll be invited. (We're not having a B List or anything.)
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